Three Events In The Sports World This Year Everyone Would Love To Forget Quickly 

The sporting world keeps throwing up events, savoury or unsavoury, year after year. This year as well there have been several highs and lows as well in the sports arena. Today, we will look into some low points involving our favourite sports stars in the year 2022. Let’s get the names rolling one by one. 

Djokovic’s Australian Misadventure 

The anti-vaccine stance of the Serbian is no secret to anyone but it cost him participation in both the Australian Open and US Open in 2022. The lowest point came when Djokovic flew to the land of kangaroos intending to grab the 10th Oz title only to be barred from taking part in the event. To add to his nightmare, he was also held inside an Australian hotel meant for refugees before being deported on “health and good order” grounds. This was a bigger setback for the Serb and the legions of his fans than an early exit from a Grand Slam event. 

Doping Controversy Involving Russian Gymnast Kamila Valieva 

The Russian Gymnast attracted unwarranted attention for using the banned substance trimetazidine, a drug for treating angina, prior to the Winter Olympics this year. This event cast a shadow on her spectacular feat, Gold in gymnastics, in the team event of the Beijing Winter Olympics. However, CAS, the global sporting court, permitted Valieva to participate in the quadrennial event despite the doping taint due to her young age. To add to the disappointment, in the individual category she eventually finished fourth. 

Ugly Events At The UCL Final 

This happened to be yet another forgettable and shameful event in the sporting arena this year. Chaos ruled the roost on May 28 this year at Stade de France in Paris when several fans of Liverpool were not permitted inside the stadium for the Champions League final involving Real Madrid. The organisers accused fans were not carrying valid tickets for the match and were forcibly making their way to the stadium. However, a French Senate probe trashed the allegation of the organisers and cited inadequate arrangement and lack of preparations for the chaos that ran riot on the day of the UCL final. 

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