This Desi Travel Blogger Is The Cynosure Of All Eyes On Youtube Now

Who doesn’t like to travel and witness new places and destinations. 

People travel for various reasons and with a booming digital platform a decent enough base of enthusiastic viewers, who love to see various journeys undertaken, has been created. Sources like Youtube has proved to be the storehouse of all kind of information, where one can even learn, earn and explore. Perhaps an alternate way of doing a job but with a great deal of zeal and enthusiasm. Bloggers these days with a good number of subscribers and followers are earning sufficiently to sustain themselves and even other members of the family. 

I have a keen interest in travelling. How can I become a traveler like Varun  Vagish (mountain trekker) and Dipangshu Sangwan (nomadic Indian)? - Quora
Varun Vagish

The captivating part lies in the beauty of these bloggers coming up with unique ideas to showcase their content, which are usually different from others. Mountain Trekker from India is one such travel influencer to receive recognition from Youtube after hitting his first 1 million subscribers with the tag of “Honest Youtube Journey”. He is, Varun Vagish from Gujurat, an ex-journalist, radio newsreader and holds a Ph.D. in Mass Communication. From a tender age, he has been travelling around the world and putting a back to all the jobs he did, now he is a full-time traveler for the past 4 to 5 years.  

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Viewers can very much agree upon the fact regarding his content that is more than just entertainment or showmanship. Conceivably, he is like an admirable teacher who tries to impart everything he knows to the world in front of him. His videos will take you around the world by showing each and every technical detail. Unleashing and sharing all his secrets and answering all the queries that keep poking our minds.  

For example –  

What sources of income are there for a travel influencer? 

How he gets paid even without any brand promotion? 

What kind of travelling gear, gadgets, cameras help him make the content and videos? 

How his Youtube Journey made him a travel blogger influencer? 

Well let me put a full stop to all the praises I have showered upon him thus far and I sincerely request my readers to switch to youtube and check it out themselves. Our very own desi guy Varun aka Mountain Trekker.  

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