The United States To Try Out A Fresh Citizenship Test Shortly 

To make the process of acquiring US citizenship more convenient and people-friendly, the United States will shortly be launching a trial of its new naturalization test. This will be music to the ears of several people, including Indians, who aspire for US citizenship. In the past, foreigners seeking the country’s citizenship went through a torrid time while applying for the same. Interestingly, the new development comes in the wake of several layoffs in the tech sphere in the US market. 

As for the naturalization test, it comprises four segments: reading, writing, civics and capability to converse in English. The writing and reading parts of the naturalization assessment happen to be standard. 

The trial will provide an upgrade to the civics segment, which includes tweaks in content and a freshly devised English-speaking component that could become standard. The naturalisation process happens to be a key component in acquiring citizenship in the country. 

“We welcome input from stakeholders who are familiar with this important process as we continue to improve and update our naturalisation test ensuring that it is consistent with industry testing standards,” US Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) Director Ur M Jaddou said on the upcoming citizenship assessment process. 

The USCIS, the immigration agency of the government, will seek approximately 1,500 individuals enrolled in adult education classes to take the trial test. 

Coming to the trial, it would be carried out with the assistance of volunteers and will be scheduled over five months. 

As per a report recently put out by the immigration agency, close to ten lakh foreigners acquired US citizenship during the 2022 financial year, a phenomenal figure in 15 years. 

In the 2021 fiscal year, 8.13 lakh foreigners got US citizenship and out of this, 57,043 (or 7 %) happened to be Indians. 

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