The “Pushpa” Syndrome: Cricketers At Increasing “Risk Of Affliction”

With Coronavirus showing no signs of disappearing from our lives anytime soon there is another “syndrome” that is afflicting people worldwide, especially the cricketers. This new phenomenon can be termed as “Pushpa” Syndrome. If you are wondering what is this new fever or infection all about, then it is nothing but a Telugu movie starring Allu Arjun which has built a strong bond with nationalities across the continents. 

Aside from being a blockbuster of humongous proportions, the movie has blazed a trail of videos featuring its songs and dialogues and these are currently going viral on various social media platforms as well. Now again, you must be thinking what has Pushpa got to do with our popular cricketers? Just scroll down to figure out the connection between the two unlikely allies. 

Warner’s Pushpa Act & Dance 

The left-handed Australian opening batsman seems to be a big fan of Allu Arjun as a few years back he was seen imitating the signature steps from the Telugu Superstar’s another film. This time around he has not only grooved to the dance number of the newly released movie but also lip-synched the punch dialogues from the blockbuster. Also, for the company one video features his daughter as well. To enjoy the videos, please click on the belowmentioned link: 

Bravo Steps into Allu Arjun’s Dancing Shoes 

The West Indian cricketer Dwayne Bravo is a genuine entertainer who hardly wastes an opportunity to play to the gallery. Even in the past also he has attracted everyone’s attention with his famous DJ Bravo act. At present, it seems even Bravo can’t resist the “Pushpa” temptation. Just like Warner he has also proved that there are some dancing bones in his body as well. The West Indian can be seen performing the aforesaid acts twice, once during a Bangladesh Premier League match post taking a wicket. If the anxiety level has gone beyond the limits of tolerance then simply click on the links given below: 

Jadeja’s Mimicry Spot On, Like His Off Breaks 

Ravindra Jadeja happens to be a live wire on the field and off it as well. Everyone is aware of his all-round skills as a cricketer but he has constantly proved that his talent extends beyond the game as well. Previously also the Team India all-rounder has regaled everyone with his entertaining tweets as well as videos. Now, to give tough completion to his cricketing counterparts even he has jumped on to the “Pushpa” bandwagon. Please click on the link below to watch the effect that the movie has left on the cricketer: 

Et Tu, Shakib! 

The Bangladesh all-rounder is usually very sober compared to his flamboyant counterparts. But it seems the Pushpa bug has bitten the southpaw as well. Taking a cue from his fellow cricketers, the left-arm orthodox spinner can also be seen mimicking the trademark mannerisms of the Telugu actor during a match. Gently touch on the link to enjoy the act of Shakib al Hasan: 

Even Dhawan Is Not Too Far Behind 

Professionally the stylish left-hander from Delhi has been going through a rough patch of late, but he hardly betrays the same in personal spheres as he can be regularly seen in a happy space with his kids and teammates in various videos. He keeps posting exciting videos on social media platforms and in continuation of the ongoing tradition even Dhawan can be seen doing his bit in terms of the Telugu movie. Click the link below to enjoy Dhawan’s side of Pushpa: 

Crux Of the Matter: 

All these videos featuring cricketers prove yet again that if there is one thing apart from the game that connects people across the globe then it is nothing but movies. None of the cricketers has got even remotest of the association with Andhra Pradesh, Telangana or the Telugu language. However, they were all having a blast faking Telugu dialogues or dancing to an alien song. This clearly indicates that these players might be divided culturally or linguistically, but are united by one glue, “Pushpa: The Rise”, albeit momentarily. 

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