The Prize Money @ FIFA 2022 WC: How Much Do Winners, Runners Up & Others Take Home? 

The FIFA 2022 World Cup is nearing the finishing line after nearly a month of pulsating action. Talks till December 18 will be about who is going to win and who is going to lose between France and Argentina in the finale. But let us not get into these speculations, instead focus on the monetary aspects. What do the winners or runners-up get in terms of prize money? Not only these but others who made it to various stages of the competition will also earn prize money. 

It goes without saying that the triumphant one and the runners-up will get the maximum payouts, a total of $72 million in combination. As per CBS Chicago, each team will get a minimum of $9 million in prize money and the numbers would go up with the passage of each round. All the participating teams in the Round of 16 would pocket $13 million as prize money. As for the quarters, the take-home figure would come to $17 million per team. The team that manages the fourth-place finish corners a $25 million payout, and the third-placed outfit can expect $27 million. 

The team that loses in the final can go away with $32 million, and the last one standing will receive a whopping $40 million. Previously, ie in the last edition, the winning team, France, got a bonus of $38 million. And in 2014, the winner, Germany, took home $35 million. 

Of course, the prize money is in addition to the salaries that the players get in the event. They end up becoming richer by several million after each marquee event, especially the popular stars. For example, Kylian Mbappe of France, featuring for the second time in the FIFA World Cup final, got a wage of $22,300 for each game in the 2018 edition. He even pocketed a phenomenal $350,000 as a bonus for helping his team triumph at the tournament. So for players and teams, World Cup outings happen to be a monetary bonanza. 

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