The charm of Schitt’s Creek, an unassuming show that is winning hearts steadily

Anyone who reads Schitt’s Creek’s plotline will be put off for a second, a show about the adventures of a bankrupt upper-class family forced to relocate to a sleepy town called Schitt’s Creek and it’s not like that name helps. But the show has managed to earn a cult following throughout the six seasons and won this year’s Emmy for Outstanding Comedy series.

The Rose family seems like a snobby oddball of a family at first glance, but the absurdist setting helps the snobby characters to grow into full-fleshed characters by the end of the 6th season. The show’s creator and star, Daniel Levy, had said that he imagined what would happen if the Kardashians went bankrupt suddenly and had to move to a small town and that’s how Schitt’s Creek was born. The Roses’ sophistication often clashed with the simplicity of the town people with the joke always on the Roses, making for a welcome comedic tool. The monochrome high-end designer clothes in the backdrop of a simple town, Moira Rose’s wigs representing her different moods and her outlandish accent are just some such examples.

The idea of togetherness through family and the and inclusive local community is another aspect that makes the show so likable. People in Schitt’s Creek have each other’s back and there is no harsh judgment about anything. The LQBTQIA+ community’s representation with a jovial but sensitive narrative has garnered a show lot of accolades. David Rose, played by Daniel Levy is a pansexual businessman who falls for his business partner Patrick. Their relationship has now become an iconic queer storyline. The acceptance and warmth the couple gets from their respective families and the townspeople are bound to help normalize queer love and melt the audience’s hearts.  The sitcom women show a wide range of satisfying characters from the independent Stevie with social anxiety, which becomes a businesswoman, spoilt Alexis Rose who builds a career on her own, headstrong Ronnie who has a soft heart to the materialistic Moira Rose who learns the importance of simplicity. Not just the interesting characters, the show is filled with funny one-liners like “Tweet us on Facebook!”, “Like Beyoncé, I excel as a solo artist.” and sharp comebacks making it the funniest sitcom in recent years. The show doesn’t portray any trait as vile or boxes characters into black and white. It lets them be, the growth happens almost subtly and it feels like you grow with them and that is the beauty of Schitt’s Creek. You can watch it on Netflix. An offbeat comedy series about the personal and professional experiences of a 30-year-old second-generation immigrant sums up Master of None. Aziz Ansari takes the central role of a struggling actor in this hilarious experimental Netflix sitcom that has garnered many accolades. The show also takes up issues like racism and feminism while offering an authentic take on the immigrant experience.

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