Telangana Police Take Technology-Driven Initiatives To Ensure Women’s Safety, NRI Cells To Be Strengthened

Former Minister and Telangana State Women’s Commission Chairperson V Sunitha Laxma Reddy has recently confirmed that the police department has taken a series of initiatives to ensure the safety and security of women in the state.  

In a meeting at the State police headquarters, Sunitha Laxma Reddy praised the police for ensuring a safe space for women by introducing various technology-driven initiatives. She also appreciated the police for organising several programmes meant to spread awareness about cybercrimes and doing their bit to help women gain more confidence. 

Officials were advised to strengthen the NRI cell so that cases related to harassment by NRI husbands can be better dealt with. Director-General of Police M Mahendar Reddy, present at the meeting, stated that Chief Minister K Chandrashekhar Rao prioritises women’s security and safety. Thus, a Women Safety Wing has been established. 

Earlier in 2014, ‘SHE TEAMS’ was introduced in Telangana with the motto of providing safety to women in the state. Several SHE TEAMS had worked under the direct supervision of Smt. Shikha Goel IPS, Addl. Commissioner of Police, Crimes & SIT. Under the initiative, places, where eve-teasing is prominent were identified and plotted and kept under surveillance. Among many other initiatives, stalkers were identified and brought to the CCS Police Station. Similarly, Bharosa centres were started in 2016. 

The only state to have implemented 33 per cent reservation for the women in recruitment in the department was Telangana.  

As many as six lakh surveillance cameras have been installed in the city’s three police commissionerates. Necessary steps have also been taken for women’s safety in every office of the police department, Mahendar Reddy said. He also said strict actions have been taken against people committing crimes against women. Necessary steps are also being taken to prevent child marriages. 

These precautions are a necessary step towards women’s safety in the state, which was shaken by the gang rape and murder of a 26-year-old woman in November 2019. The incident sparked outrage across the country and raised questions on the safety of women. 

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