Indian-Origin Sumod Damodar, Rashpal Bajwa, Mubashshir Usmani Elected as ICC’s CEC members

Indian origin Sumod Damodar, Rashpal Bajwa and Mubashshir Usmani have been elected as the Chief Executives Committee (CEC) members of the International Cricket Council (ICC). The ICC recently held the elections for three positions on the CEC from the Associate Members. 

Sumod Damodar, the head of Botswana Cricket Association, was re-elected to serve another two-years on the CEC. 

In a parallel development, Cricket Canada’s President Rashpal Bajwa was elected to the International Cricket Council’s (ICC) Chief Executives’ Committee (CEC). Mubashshir Usmani of Emirates Cricket Board is the third CEC member to join Damodar and Bajwa. 

All three candidates got the highest number of votes from the Associate Member electorate. They will be part of the CEC until the end of the 2023 ICC Annual Conference. 

A representative appointed by each Full Member comprises the ICC CEC membership. The representative shall be the Full Member’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Operating Officer or senior cricket administrator and three additional members would be elected by the Voting-Associate Members and the Regional Representatives. The Committee is mandated to assist and advise the ICC Board on operational, financial, commercial and management functions relating to cricket. In addition to its advisory role, the CEC, however, also exercises decision making powers in several areas such as: 

  1. The monitoring and application of the Code of Conduct for Players and Player Support Personnel 
  1. Policies and regulations concerning illegal bowling actions 
  1. The monitoring and application of the Standard Playing Conditions, including those for the ICC events 
  1. The monitoring and application of the regulations relating to international venues, pitch monitoring, clothing and equipment, and other rules and/or regulations relating to the playing and/or integrity of the game 
  1. Operational issues relating to ICC events 

Rashpal Bajwa was born in Jalandhar and moved to Canada in 1996 after completing his Bachelor’s Degree in Engineering. After completing his certification in aircraft maintenance engineering from BCIT, Bajwa now looks after his very own 15+ employees business. 

Bajwa’s involvement with Cricket Canada began in 1997 after he became an active player. He was elected to the BCMCL League in 2008 as a Delegate. In 2010, he began serving as BCMCL’s Vice President. 

In 2011, Rashpal became Cricket BC’s 2nd Vice President and later in 2013; he began serving as Cricket BC President. In 2016, he was elected as Cricket Canada’s Vice President. 

Usmani, a UAE resident with roots in Mumbai, is another addition to the ICC’s CEC. “I am extremely happy and I thank those who have voted for me. This win comes with a lot of responsibility and I will work for the welfare of the Associate members, as well as the ICC,” Usmani said immediately after the win. 

Sumod Damodar, who hails from Kochi in Kerala, was one of the incumbent members of the CEC. 

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