Sri Lanka Issues Fresh Covid Guidelines For International Travellers 

If you are wishing to travel to Sri Lanka from India then there are certain revised Covid-19 protocols to be abided, the Indian High Commission said on January 14. 

As per the island nation’s fresh Covid-19 formalities, every tourist coming to the country should possess vaccination cards. In case anyone is not vaccinated then such persons must have a negative PCR report, acquired 72 hours before entering the country. 

Previously, on December 7, 2022, the island nation had done away with the need of international travellers furnishing the COVID-19 vaccination certificate to enter the country. 

Even the rule to provide a negative COVID-19 test (PCR/Rapid Antigen Test) (RAT) before boarding or upon arrival was eliminated from the rule book. 

The new Covid-19 norms have taken effect from January 13 onwards. 

As per Indian High Commission, Indian nationals coming to Sri Lanka have to follow the latest Covid 19 guidelines. 

Sri Lanka has of late increased the vigil following Covid surge in some countries across the world, like China, to avert any major virus spread in the island nation. 

After going through a tourism slump in the pandemic years things are finally looking optimistic in Sri Lanka now. In 2022, more than 719,000 travellers came to Sri Lanka and 1,23,000 among these happened to be Indians. In fact, India is turning out to be a helpful hand for the country as the former assisted the latter when they had touched the bottom economically. After India the most number of travellers came from Russia (91,372) and the UK (85,187). 

The numbers are a great improvement from the figures in 2021 when the tourist arrivals stood at a modest 1,95,000. 

The tourism sector of the country was hit not only by the spread of Coronavirus but also by the worst economic crisis faced by the nation and the resultant street protests. 

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