Key Facts About UAE Driving Licence Renewal

If you are an expat living in the UAE, it is imperative for you to acquire a local driving licence. Without a driving permit, it becomes difficult for you to move around the Emirates as the public transport system is not so robust in the country. As per the official count of July 2020, more than 2.5 million people have active UAE driving licences in Dubai Emirate alone. 

When it comes to renewal, UAE nationals are supposed to go through the process every 10 years, while expats have to repeat the same every five. If you have got all the documents in place then you can renew the licence online in three to five minutes. All that is required of you is an eye test from an approved centre, entering relevant details on the RTA website or app, clearing fines and applying for renewal. It costs as frugal as Dh400 or a bit more, including eye test and delivery fees. The procedure is not very tough. However, at times it can become laborious or cumbersome as well. So, let us help you assist with some important matters regarding the license renewal.  

Valid residency Is A Must For Renewal  

If you have been in the UAE and held a local driving licence then you cannot renew the permit even if you come back to the country on a visit visa. For renewal, you require a valid residence permit. However, you can renew a licence issued in Dubai even if you hold a residence visa from some other emirates. But licenses issued in some other emirates cannot be renewed in Dubai. 

Get Black Points At Your Own Peril 

In case your UAE licence gets cancelled by the police in the country after attracting 24 black points, then you have to get a NOC letter to get an evaluation test done. Following this only a new training file could be opened. 

The Process Of Renewal If License Expired More Than 10 yrs Before 

In such a scenario, the holder can only go for renewal after giving a road test. It comprises a Dh200 training file opening; Dh100 learning application fees; Dh 50 for the handbook; Dh200 for an RTA test; Dh500 for the delay in renewing the document; Dh300 for renewal and Dh20 for knowledge and innovation fees. 

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