UAE’s Emirates ID: The Importance & Benefits For Residents and Citizens 

The Emirates ID card is issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (ICA). It is a significant part of your life if you happen to be in the UAE and everyone in the country must have this identity card, including children and newborns. This card is classified as per the type of residence: 

  • Citizen ID card is for the UAE Nationals 
  • The GCC nationals residing in the UAE have the GCC ID card 
  • Expat ID card is for the expatriate residents 

The card contains personal information and rudimentary personal data on the flip side and front side. At the forefront of the ID, nationality, name and photo are revealed. The flip side of the card has details such as date of birth, gender, cardholder’s signature and card number. At present, the card even possesses electronic and visual security features, for example, the 3D image of the encoded data and cardholder. 

How To Apply For The Emirates ID Card? 

In case you wish to apply for an Emirates ID, you must go to the approved typing centres or get the eForm from the official website of the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC). The online form can be obtained from the portal.After submitting the form, you will get an SMS through the registered mobile number mentioned in the Form. The SMS specifies the time, date and venue of the EIDA branch of yours. Once you reach the branch, you will be directed to take photos and give fingerprints. After this, a receipt will be given to you that you need to keep till you collect the card. 

How To Collect The Same? 

You have to pay 100 AED for an Emirates ID with a validity of one year. After processing your work permit, the ID card gets despatched to a local post office. You will be intimated with an SMS on your registered mobile number. It is important on your part to collect the card within 90 days or else it would go to EIDA and will be discarded as well. 

Even in the case of renewal, you must go through the same procedure after the expiry. 

UAE Residents Should Keep These Documents With Them During The Visit: 

Emirates ID application 

Visa (or visa work permit) 


The Benefits 

The Emirates ID can be used for a lot of things, for example, obtaining a new SIM card or an internet package. It can be used to foot utility bills, open a bank account, etc. Interestingly, the electronic chip on the ID card can accommodate close to 32 thousand letters of information. 

Avail Various Govt Services 

It serves the purpose of an identity card and is very vital while availing various government services. The card shields you from identity theft and potential fraud as well. This is needed at prominent government offices like the Dubai Municipality or Roads and Transport Authority (RTA) for the majority of their processes and services such as renewing the driving license or registering a new vehicle. 

Useful For Travel Purposes 

From April 2022 onwards, the ID has been accorded with resident visa status as well. This has made travelling quite easier as you no longer have to carry a passport that is stamped with resident visa status. So, now you only need to take the Emirates ID card with you. 

The Emirates ID has made even immigration a smooth process for UAE residents and citizens. The cardholders can attach useful e-gate services to their ID cards when they are on the move. The ID can be utilized at the Dubai International Airport smart gates for getting quick passport control procedures. 

Get Medical Insurance & Use For Refueling 

Post-2016, the Emirates ID can even be used as a health insurance card. It is also immensely beneficial for processing medical insurance. So, you can add medical insurance to your Emirates identity card. One of the most prominent oil companies in the UAE, ADNOC has devised ways for people to pay for the fuel at smart service stations. Hence, even refuelling can be done with an Emirates ID linked to a functional ADNOC Wallet in Abu Dhabi, or ADNOC Plus Cards. 

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