Six-year-old Indian American, Kiara, Becomes Youngest World Expo Speaker  

Kiara, Kaur, a six-year-old Indian-American girl, has scripted history by becoming the youngest keynote speaker to address any World Expo. This was acknowledged as a world record by the World Book of Records (based in London).  

‘The grade I Indian American student’s speech at the recent World Expo 22 in Dubai was called “Small Changes, Big Difference”. During the International Women’s Week celebrations at the Mexico Pavilion, her speech focused on women’s empowerment’ reported NDTV on May 10.   

Kiara told NDTV, “It was exciting to speak to an audience at this great event. I prepared my speech by speaking to my grandmother, Commander Dr Rita Bhatra who had served the Border Security Force for 40 years”.  

“Women empowerment lies in equal opportunity for young girls in education, rights, health, decision making, wages and professional opportunities”, Kiara added.   

Earlier, Kiara Kaur had set a record as the youngest TEDx speaker. In her speech titled “Unboxing Curiosity”, she shared her journey of reading.  

When Kiara was just four-years-old in nursery school, she had set a record by reading 36 books in an hour and forty-five minutes. This was  

endorsed as a record by the Asia Book of Records and The World Book of Records, London.  

Kiara’s parents, doctors by profession, have now settled in Dubai. The family says the child is not forced to set records. Dr Little Mahendra, her mother, said: “We feel happy and great about out child’s achievement. All credit go to my parents, her inspiration”.  

“I want to be the President so I can govern and help the poor”, Kiara shared her dream. 

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