Singapore Removes Six Countries including India From Travel Restrictions List

Singapore on October 23 announced that it was removing India and other five South Asian countries from its travel restrictions, with the island-state continuing to adjust border measures owing to the global Covid-19 situation.  

All travellers with a “14-day travel history to Bangladesh, India, Myanmar, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka will be allowed to enter or transit through Singapore soon,” the health ministry of Singapore was quoted as stating.  

According to the statement by the ministry, the changes would come into force on October 27, adding that measures for travellers from Singapore’s neighbours, Malaysia and Indonesia, would also be loosened.  

In a statement, the ministry said it had reviewed the Covid-19 situation in the six South Asian countries, and then they had decided to take such a measure.  

As per the health minister of Singapore One Ye Kung, as the Covid-19 situation in these countries had become stable, “there is no longer a requirement for strict rules that stop travellers from these countries from landing here,” during a virtual press conference, the Straits Times quoted Kung as saying.  

Even though the passengers with a travel history of 14 days from the countries mentioned above will be allowed to cross borders and enter Singapore, they have to meet quarantine requirements. For instance, the health ministry clarified that travellers from these countries would be subjected to the strictest border measures that involve a 10-day stay-home notice period at a dedicated facility.  

As of October 25, Singapore has reported a total of 1,69,000 Covid cases since the beginning of the pandemic, and the virus has claimed about 300 lives so far in the nation. 

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