Separated During Partition, Indian Man Gets Visa To Meet Brother In Pakistan

Two brothers, separated during the India-Pakistan partition in 1947, get one more chance to meet and embrace. Sika Khan, who hails from Punjab in India, was granted a visa by Pakistan’s High Commission.  

Sika Khan’s brother, Muhammed Siddique, was separated when a portion of Punjab was given to Pakistan. During the partition, Sika Khan stayed in India’s Punjab, but his brother moved to Pakistan’s Punjab to Faisalabad.   

“Today, the Pakistan High Commission issued a visa to Sika Khan to visit his brother, Muhammed Siddique, and other family members in Pakistan. The two brothers, separated in 1947, were recently reunited after 74 years at Kartarpur Sahib Corridor, “Pakistan’s High Commission in India said in a post. 

The efforts of a renowned Pakistan-based YouTube channel, Punjabi Lehar, highlighted their tale and the two brothers were able to communicate with each other via video call in 2019.  

On January 12 this year, the brothers were reunited after long-74-years in Kartarpur. A video of the two brothers embracing while fighting back the tears went viral on both sides of the border.  

The Kartarpur Corridor opening facilitates visa-free travel from India to Pakistan up to Kartapur. The Indian government decided to re-open in November 2019.    

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