SarisToSuits: Patti Tripathi Is Making A Revolution

You must be wondering what to do with a bunch of nicely ironed and tucked sarees that lie in the corner of your cupboard. And the ones that are associated with special memories, but you never find the right occasion to drape them.

Patti (Pratibha) Tripathi started to transform pre-loved and pre-owned 7 yards of material into exclusive designer garments and products for you and the other women across the globe.

Inspired by her mother’s sarees that she fondly carried with her from India to DC, Dallas, Florida, Chicago, and Atlanta, Patti founded SarisToSuits in 2012. She started the venture with 171 unskilled women who had been trained by Gucci Equilibrium and employed them to design and embroider exclusive merchandise and garments.

Patti has been one of the first national news anchors from India. A global media professional runs this non-profitable public charity that empowers females to serve education, gender inclusivity, and social justice equally.

SarisToSuits aims to create awareness to break down the barriers that restrict the development and advancement of women and girls. The organisation hopes to directly impact the community by joining hands in solidarity for Blindian Projects, where people will be draping donated saris pairing with their jeans, t-shirts or skirts as they volunteer to serve the homeless and whoever requires it. These community projects are scheduled to be held once every three months.

SarisToSuits is known for its annual calendar, unlike fashion calendars that objectify women, featuring 12 South Asian Women of substance from different walks of life. The organisation has some exciting collaborations, new additions to the team and a brand title for its legal fund. The website of SarisToSuits also features original narratives called Omniscient Perspective, starting with women who appeared in the calendar and other blogs.

With about 27 years of experience in digital technology, Patti said that her eCommerce skillset served as a tremendous asset as the organisation expands the S2S store to add women-centric sustainable products around the world.

“Be it sham marriages, domestic violence or trafficking, we try to raise our voice against these practices through conferences, events and fundraisers,” Patti said, elaborating the way SarisToSuits functions. “As part of the revitalisation, we are also using creative strategies to raise funds and have recently developed our website.”

“We are using our online and social media platforms to tell stories that matter to our audience under the ‘omniscient perspective’ section,” she added.

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