Rudimentary Aspects To Remember While Looking For A Job In The UAE On A Visit Visa 

There is a plethora of employment opportunities for people from the Asian subcontinent in the United Arab Emirates, so many youths as well as middle-aged individuals from India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh etc head to this fabulous Middle Eastern country. Though there is no guarantee that a job can be pocketed quickly, prospective candidates are likely to get interview calls on a regular basis. So, if anyone is planning to go to the UAE to try his or her luck in the job market of the Gulf country, then as prerequisites the person should carry out these essential activities. So, what are these? Let’s find out. 

Get Your Documents In Order 

It is a given that you should be carrying all the necessary documents highlighting your educational credentials and professional experiences. If you are an Indian then you should ideally get your educational certificates duly attested by the Ministry of HRD in India and the UAE embassy. These can be done in the UAE as well but can be a bit costly compared to the cost in India. Most importantly, meticulously arrange these documents so that you don’t find any problems accessing the same. Also, keep enough Xerox copies of your certificates and passport-size photographs as you might need these more often than not in the UAE. 

Buy A Local Sim Card Quickly 

Once you reach the UAE on a visit visa, you should get a local sim card for yourself without wasting any time. Using your Indian sim can be very costly so it is better to start using a UAE mobile number as soon as possible. Communication becomes very important, especially with regard to your employment matters, and with a local sim card, you can talk to anyone in the UAE without flattening your wallet. To acquire the same you only have to furnish your copies of passport and visa. Hence, do this as quickly as possible. 

Update The CV Accordingly 

In order to look for a job anywhere Curriculum Vitae is the least an individual requires. The same is the case in the UAE as well. But your CV should reflect your current status, so don’t forget to mention the passport number and the type of visa you are in. If such important information is missing from the CV, then employers in UAE will not entertain your job application, forcing you to go through some agonising time. So, do all the necessary tweaks in the CV from India itself and hit the ground running in the Gulf country. 

Apply For Job From India Itself 

Time is very important and if you are on a visit visa it is better to value the same and plan accordingly. A person planning to go to the UAE should ideally start applying for UAE jobs 2 weeks prior to reaching the country. By doing this, you are only making employers in the Gulf country aware of your intentions and you might get interview calls a day or two after reaching the country. Therefore, by applying for UAE jobs from your home country you are only strengthening the possibility of finding a job quickly. So, act accordingly. 

Don’t Lose Hope & Never Ever Give Up 

This might come across as a cliche or a superficial aspect, but the mantra should be etched in your memory. Sometimes it takes weeks or even a month to receive an interview call, but one should never be dejected. You should always keep yourself in good humour and believe that a job is just a few calls away. It might also be possible that a job might elude you on your first attempt in the UAE, and in such a scenario, you should not hesitate to give yourself another go in the job market in the country. So, never stop believing that you are just a morning or an afternoon away from landing a suitable opportunity. 

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