Restaurants In Kolkata Serving Lip-Smacking Delicacies

In each city or region, some shops, including restaurants, carry on for decades, strengthening their legacies. Among these, some opt for makeovers with regard to exteriors and interiors along with an ostentatious offering of a delicacy, while some continue with the heritage of their great grandfathers. Although they keep the appearance of the restaurant same, they do not compromise either on the taste or the quality of food. 

In whichever corner of Kolkata you go, from Shyambazar to Gariahat, you will get to taste various delectable and delightful street foods. However, Kolkata is not only famous for serving lip-smacking, innovative, and economical street foods but also for some vintage snacks that are solely offered by the below-listed restaurants or cafe-style restaurants, also known as ‘cabins. 

Let’s look at the classical restaurants serving popular delicacies for several decades. 

Fish Kabiraji by Mitra Café, Sovabazar 

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Popularly known for ‘fish kabiraji’ (a unique fish cutlet), Mitra Café has been one of the North Kolkata classics. Founded in the year of 1920 by Sushil Roy, the café has opened several branches across the city. The Golpark branch offers some mouthwatering delicacies too. Although Mitra Café is famous for its delicious ‘fish kabiraji’ costing Rs 100, its menu is not limited. Its menu offers a variety of mouthwatering items like mutton chops (Rs 35) and chicken cutlets (Rs 70) worth giving a try! 

Location: 47, Jatindra Mohan Ave, Raja Nabakrishna Street, Sovabazar. 

Timing: From Monday to Saturday between 3 pm and 10 pm. 

Luchi Aloo’r Torkari by Haridas Modak, Shyambazar 

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Located at Shyambazar crossing, Haridas Modak is one of the oldest gems of Kolkata which still offers the best possible ‘Bengali jol Khabar (Bengali breakfast). A quintessential Bengali breakfast ideally comprising deep-fried ‘kochuri’, delectable ‘aloo’r torkari’, daal and crispy ‘jilipis’. If you want to relish the real Bengali breakfast, then you must visit Haridas Modak that has been serving not only ‘luchi’, ‘aloo’r torkari’ but also several noteworthy sweets such as Kalakand, Jibe Gaja, Chhanar Jilipi and Kalojam. Interestingly, it still serves every delicacy in plates of fresh kolapata (banana leaf). If you’re in Kolkata and want to have your breakfast, spending a minimal amount, then you must visit this 250-year-old eatery that offers three pieces of Luchi at around Rs 18 and three pieces of Kochuri at Rs 21. You can taste its hot ‘singaras’ as well within Rs 6. You can show up anytime you feel the craving as Haridas Modak offers all delicacies throughout the day. 

Location: 220, Acharya Prafulla Chandra Rd, Shyambazar. 

Timing: Monday to Sunday (10 am to 6 pm) 

Mughlai Paratha by Anadi Cabin, New Market 

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Located on S.N. Banerjee Road, Anadi Cabin is one of the oldest cabin-style restaurants that has stood the test of time and still exists in its full glory. Established in 1925 by Balaram Jana, Anadi Cabin is famously known for its mouthwatering Mughlai Parathas. The egg stuffed square-shaped paratha, with layers of minced meat inside is simply irresistible. Apart from this, Anadi Cabin’s menu includes deep-fried chops, cutlets, stew, toast-butter and tea, influenced by the Portuguese and the British. The delicious fried delicacies are still served on a white porcelain plate along with a fork and knife, and ‘kasundi’ or the local mustard sauce on the side. 

Location: 9A, S. N. Banerjee Road, Esplanade, Dharmatala, Taltala 

Timing: Sunday through Saturday from 2 pm to 8 pm. 

Fish Fry and Radhaballavi by Apanjan, Kalighat 

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Apanjan, the shop serving unforgettable fish fry in South Kolkata, is decked with ‘bangaliana’ and famous for its ‘adda’ sessions with a mouthful of ‘chop-cutlet’. Located in the heart of Kalighat, Apanjan serves all delicacies delectable to your taste buds. Opened in 1982, the founder Prabhas Ghosh initially started as a ‘radhaballavi’ (a type of daal poori) and vegetable chop shop, but with time Apanjan became famous especially for its Fish Fry. Its fish fry and chicken fowl cutlet are a must-try. Besides, it serves ‘radhaballavi’ served with aloo’r dum, Mutton Singara, Chicken Filet, Fish Kochuri, Deviled Eggs, Chicken Kaviraji and many more. 

Location: 58, Sadananda Rd, Anami Sangha, Kalighat. 

Timing: Open every day from 1 pm to 9 pm 

Egg Devil by Niranjan Agar, Girish Park 

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Almost strategically hidden behind the Girish Park Metro Station, 100-year-old Niranjan Agar (café) is famous for evening snacks, especially egg devil, invented by an enterprising self-taught cook Niranjan Hazra. The cabin’s tongue-tickling egg devil (Rs 50) is prepared with a whole egg covered entirely with mutton keema and bread crumbs. Besides, its menu includes kofta (Rs 60), mete (liver curry at Rs 150), mutton korma (Rs 150), ‘must try’ vegetable chop (Rs 28), fish fry (Rs 70), fowl cutlet (Rs 65), mutton chop (Rs 28), breast cutlet (Rs 65), etc. 

Location: 239/A, Chittaranjan Ave, near Girish Park, Station. 

Timing: Open every day from 4 pm to 9 pm. 

Chicken Pakora and Mutton Chop by Shankar Cabin, Golpark 

Image Credits: Zomato

If you want to have some delicious evening snacks in as much as Rs 15 or so, Shankar Cabin is your destination. Located at Golpark footpath before the Axis Bank, Shankar Cabin has been serving several delectable fries, including Chicken Pakoras (Rs 12), Mutton Chops (Rs 15), for over 80 years. It also serves Fish Chops (Rs 12), Fish Butter Fry (Rs 45), Chicken Spring Roll (Rs 40) and many more. 

Location: 22, 1, Gariahat Road, Golpark, Ballygunge Gardens. 

Timing: Every day from 1 pm to 10 pm 

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