Residence Renewal Extensions For Expats Over-60s Stopped In Kuwait 

The General Administration of Residence Affairs at the Ministry of Interior in Kuwait has stopped the extension of residency for non-graduate expatriates of 60 years and above, from 22 February 2022. 

The recent amendments allowed this category of expatriates to renew their work and residence permits after paying an annual fee of 250 dinars and health insurance issued by a private company which costs 503.500 dinars. 

It was stated during 2021 that the Residence Affairs Departments had issued hundreds of extensions to expatriates of 60-year-olds and above after their residency permits expired as the authorities were figuring out how to solve the issue of this category of expatriates. The extensions given are between 30 and 90 days and more, to spare them from incurring fines for residence violations that cost two dinars for each day of violation. 

Statistics issued by the labour market system show approximately 9,000 non-graduate expatriates, who are 60 years and above, have left the labour market between March and September 2021. According to statistics, there were 62,948 residents from this category working in the private sector until the end of September 2021, while the number recorded in the first quarter of 2021 was 72,060. 

Previously in August 2020, it was stated that Kuwait will stop issuing work permits for expats aged over 60 without a university degree, and will not extend any residencies and visas beyond August 31, 2020, in a decision announced that impacted thousands of expats in the country. 

It was stated that work permits for over 60s without a university degree will no longer be issued from January 1, 2021, and applies to all those who hold a higher secondary certificate or lower.  

Previously, Kuwait’s interior ministry had also been allowing expats both within and outside the country to renew their residencies online and remain outside Kuwait for up to 12 months, instead of the normal six months, without residencies being cancelled. However, this facility expired on August 31, 2020. 

In December 2021, it was stated that expats over 60 years of age in Kuwait may be granted a temporary extension of visa (Temperoray extension) in the event of a decision not to renew the visa taken by the Ministry of Interior. 

Also, 4 more health insurance companies have been added to the list to issue insurance policies for expats above 60. 

  • The Kuwait Qatar Insurance Company. 
  • Zamzam Takaful Insurance Company. 
  • T’azur Takaful Insurance Company. 
  • First Takaful Insurance Company. 

Now, total insurance companies stand at 15. 

It was also stated that this category of people have now two choices either to renew the work permits as per the new requirements or join the family visa if the conditions are met. 

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