Radio Stations To Tune Into While On Road

The memory of waking up to the static sound of the transmitter being switched on instantly can take you back to the good old days of the radio. From ensuring a great start to the day and to break the monotony of a long drive, the radio has been a constant in our lives. 

In the era of the internet, the millennial might opt for online streaming music apps, but some still relying on the radio. This is why the radio has stood its ground despite the invasion of online streaming music apps. You would be surprised to know that over the years, the traditional medium has undergone several changes. Moreover, it has taken various forms, from the simple technology of electromagnetic waves of frequency to the latest technology of the internet. It has been possible because of the world wide web and global radio stations. Foreign radio stations are easier to access and you can constantly shuttle between various stations as per your taste. 

Radio is now changing lives and its concept has changed slightly. It is no longer about background noise. The concept of radio quarantine came into the picture during the lockdown. It was introduced to entertain people who felt isolated amid the Covid-19-led lockdown. Artists and musicians started internet music shows to cheer people up. 

So, here are a few radio stations you can tune into anytime, be it starting a new day or on a long drive. 

Radio Quarantine Kolkata 

 Radio Quarantine Kolkata is an Internet-based non-commercial community radio station that emerged out of Kolkata during the coronavirus-induced lockdown in March 2020. Founded by a group of professors, directors and PhD students in response to social isolation protocols in the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic. The radio station provides 24/7 services with a mixture of pre-recorded original and repeat programmes at other times. But now it has started producing original programmes in the form of podcasts with monthly six to ten episodes. Its eclectic playlists include Eastern and Western classical composers, experimental musicians, contemporary Japanese artists, 1980’s Hindi music, English pop, jazz, Brazilian rock, and much more. ‘Quarantine Diaries’ by the Radio Quarantine Kolkata also discussed controversial matters that took place during the pandemic such as the Citizenship Amendment Act and the National Register of Citizens. 

Radio Garden 

This non-profit Dutch radio provides three-dimensional geolocation, allowing the user to navigate through a representation of the globe and listening to broadcasts of local radio stations. The home page of the radio station, Live allows users to explore the world in real-time and tune into the local radios. Developed between 2013 and 2016 by the Netherlands Institute for Sound and Vision, Radio Garden gained popularity in 2016. With over 10,000 stations, Radio Garden allows you to switch between live streams, historical content, recorded interviews, and jingles. 

Three D Radio 

Based in Adelaide, Australia, Three D Radio is a community radio station since 1979. It broadcasts on 93.7 MHz across the greater metropolitan area of Adelaide and the surrounding rural areas, as well as a live stream via its website. Apart from playing contemporary and alternative music, the station broadcasts aboriginal music in its regular playlists. If you are not in Australia right now, you can still tune into the Three D Radio by downloading its app, available on Apple Music as well as the Google Play store. 

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