Prior Permissions Are Now Mandatory For Sales Promotions In Oman 

Prior permission from the concerned authorities must be taken for conducting sales or promotional offers by commercial establishments in the Sultanate of Oman. 

The decisions follow amendments to some of the provisions of the Executive Regulations of the Consumer Protection Law made by the Consumer Protection Authority (CPA), on 20 March 2022. 

According to the decisions, businesses and services providers are prohibited from carrying out any sales or promotional activity without obtaining prior permission or license from the competent authorities. 

Also, CPA specifies that “It is not permissible to circulate goods that contain phrases, images, slogans or symbols that are contrary to religious values, indecent, or against public morals or customs.” 

“The permission from the relevant authority is mandatory to ensure that there are no misleading offers or advertisements, in accordance with the controls set by the authority,” the decision stated. 

The entities conducting the sales or promotional activities must submit a copy of the approval to the CPA apart from furnishing a statement on the methods such as prizes, gifts and benefits that will be offered to the winning consumers. 

Trading of any commodity that comes in indecent or obscene forms, misusing goods, or providing services in a way that offends the customs and traditions is strictly prohibited. 

According to the decisions, a clear and legible statement on the selling price before and during the sales period for each commodity should be exhibited. 

If a violator is seen not complying with the provisions of the regulations by conducting promotional offers that are prohibited can face imprisonment of up to 1 year and a supplier who fails to provide its customers with correct and true information could face a fine and imprisonment. 

“Anyone who violates the provisions of this regulation will face an administrative fine, not exceeding OMR 1,000 and it shall be doubled in the event of a repetition of the violation,” it said. 

An administrative fine of not more than OMR 50 will be imposed if the violation continues, provided that its total does not exceed OMR 2,000. 

“To comply with the regulations, a promotional offer must be displayed in a conspicuous location within the shops in which the offer is being conducted, whereas only a copy of the license needs to be displayed in each of the locations for the period of the promotional offer,” it added. 

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