NRI Guide: The Visas To Secure Your Immigration To The UK

Acquiring British citizenship happens to be the most arduous, expensive, and lengthy process in the world. A large number of people who are accepted as UK citizens every year prepare for years, spending a fat amount of £5,000 to £10,000. 

On the other hand, to get into the UK with a work visa, you usually have to get a job offer with sponsorship from a UK employer first. The employer must also be approved by the Home Office and be on its list of eligible employers. 

So, what all work visas you can seek to secure your immigration to the UK and become a British citizen? Read on! 

Skilled Worker Visa 

As per the new UK immigration system, for Indian nationals, a Skilled Worker visa (formerly a Tier 2 General work visa) is the most common way of entering the country. It allows migrants to work in the United Kingdom. This visa is also available to migrants who hold shares in the companies they wish to join. Applicants who wish to establish or buy a business in the UK to self-sponsor can also seek this visa. This visa may bring you a green card after five years of residency. 

Companies looking to sponsor migrants from non-EU countries had to run a complex resident labour market test (RLMT) to ensure that the job is being offered to a non-resident before the new rules came into force in December last year. This rule has changed now. Many job profiles that were previously excluded for sponsorship have now been added to the approved list of sponsorship roles. As there are no longer restrictions on the number of available Skilled Worker visas, migrants from India can access jobs in the UK market easily. 

Sole Representative visa 

Those who wish to expand their businesses in the UK can take advantage of Sole Representative visas under which a senior member of staff can travel to the UK to set up an office. When the office is established, you can apply for a Skilled Worker Sponsor licence and start sponsoring foreign staff. Under this visa, you are even allowed to sponsor the Director or CEO of the international companies. As this visa is open to any kind of business, including IT, you can choose the same to secure a green card in the UK, but you must have stayed in the country for a continuous period of five years as a sole representative. 

Investor Visa 

This visa is offered to those who have £2 million to invest in the UK and meet the other criteria. To secure this visa, there’s no requirement of knowing English and the candidate can obtain a settlement within three years. 

Innovator Visa 

The innovator visa is a new visa available for those who tend to set up and run a business in the UK which must be different from anything else in the market and endorsed by an approved body. 

Global Talent Visa 

Many applicants consider this visa as a golden ticket to the UK. Highly qualified IT, scientists, engineers, and artists can avail this option and settle in the UK in three to five years. 

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