NRI Guide: How To Apply For A 96-Hour UAE Transit Visa

Millions of passengers fly through the United Arab Emirates (UAE) airports, transiting at one of the four international airports in the country. Suppose you are planning a quick stopover in the UAE and get more out of your stopover. In that case, you can apply for a transit visa to allow you to exit the airport and enjoy visiting many tourist attractions in the UAE.
You can apply for a transit visa (if you are not a resident of UAE) for up to 96 hours, as per the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) Dubai. UAE-based airlines that you are travelling through can arrange your transit visa before your journey. If your trip is through a travel agency, either the agency can help you get the visa or issue it yourself upon arrival. Remember that the transit visa is only valid up to 96 hours from your entry to the UAE, and it is not extendable or renewable.
So, if you are keen on exploring UAE, issue a transit visa by visiting the immigration counter. Present these documents handy: original passport, an airline ticket showing the sector of your journey, where the connecting flight should not be less than eight hours after you arrive in the UAE, not exceeding 96 hours, and the destination of arrival and departure are not similar. Show valid hotel reservation details in UAE.
Next, visit the airline company you are travelling with.
Submit a request to issue a 96-hour entry permit with the airline’s service officer.
Once your request is approved, approach the passport officer at the immigration counter and complete the procedure by paying a fee of Dh90.
Before you plan a short trip to UAE, keep the Covid-19 related travel guidelines in mind. Ensure that you are fully vaccinated and take the mandatory rapid PCR tests before boarding a flight and after landing in the UAE.
Also, as you would be staying in the UAE for at least 72 hours, you probably need to take a re-test in the UAE before reaching your final destination.

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