NRI Guide: How Can You Apply For Canada’s New TR to PR Open Work Permit?

With the world opening up and countries relaxing travel restrictions, people across the globe have started planning for their future. People often choose Canada for higher studies and work purposes, as entering the country is relatively easy.   

Recently Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) has released a guide on how essential workers and international students can apply for an open work permit. It instructs how to apply for the new temporary residence to permanent residence (TR to PR) pathways.   

The department has created six new TR to PR programs to offer international students, essential workers, and French speakers immigration pathways in Canada.  

Criteria to Apply for TR to PR Work Permit  

  • Those can apply for the new programs who already have temporary Canadian residence documents such as a work or study permit.   
  • The work permit is for those who have applied for these programs with a short amount of validity left on their current documents.  
  • If the applicant’s spouse or child over 18 is staying in Canada, they can apply for it.  

It’s a bridging open work permit that allows applicants to reside in Canada if IRCC decides on their application. The authorities will provide a work permit to an applicant until December 31, 2022.     

Programmes to Apply   

There are six programmes, three of which have intake caps and are only open to English speakers. The remaining three are open to French speakers and accept unlimited applications.  

Here are the programs’ details and who are eligible to apply:  

  • Workers in Canada: Group A for healthcare workers (20,000 applications)  
  • Workers in Canada: Group B for essential non-healthcare workers (30,000 applications)  
  • International Graduates: 40,000 applications  
  • Workers in Canada: Group A for French-speaking healthcare workers (no cap)  
  • Workers in Canada: Group B for French-speaking essential non-healthcare workers (no cap)  
  • French-speaking international graduates: No cap  

Application for these new programs will be closed on November 5 or until IRCC receives the maximum number of applications for every programme.  

How to Apply?  

You can apply either through paper applications or online.   

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