NoVa Battles Rocks The 2022 Dubai Crypto Expo 

The NoVa Battles team, led by CEO Lucian, got the coveted title of “Best Crypto Game 2022” in Dubai at the Dubai Crypto Expo on March 16 and 17, 2022.  

The NoVa Battles ecosystem is built to reward community members for their time and work in various ways. More blockchain technology is planned for the NoVa Battle system, such as digital real estate, subdivisions of the game ecosystem, and Metaverse, complete player customization of virtual assets, which will create a truly unique and decentralized virtual environment, in addition to their own NFTs and Crypto Token.  

What is NoVa Battles?  

NoVa Battles is a community-based play-to-earn (P2E) mobile multiplayer online arena game powered by the Ethereum blockchain. Players that prefer comparable genres will be able to jump right in and begin earning money while they play.  

It has gone through multiple designs and testing cycles since its inception in 2019 to guarantee that it fits the demands of end-users. NoVa Battles allow other gaming groups to participate in its ecosystem, providing a larger habitat for socializing, playing and earning thanks to its focus on community participation. Because it embodies the purpose, a name like “The People’s Game” is appropriate.  

To play any game mode in NoVa Battles, users must choose one of several free Champions. These Champions are NFTs who appear as avatars in the game. These Champions have a range of powers and characteristics that make them stand out in battle. Support Champions are those that aid the main champion during a fight.  

Players are rewarded for their deeds during each battle with Battle Rewards. The NoVa Battles ecology focuses on their NFTs dubbed NoVa Soul. During the fighting, the players use up these NFTs. They may be found in a number of locations, including the Marketplace and during a pre-sale.  

Dubai Crypto Expo 2022 was rocked by NoVa battles  

The HQMENA-organized Dubai Crypto Expo 2022 was a premier crypto expo and conference that included over 100 crypto companies, including NoVa Battles.  

The Dubai Cryptocurrency Expo, being a world-class event in the industry, is sure to attract a lot of attention whenever it is conducted. This year, no exceptions were made. More than 10,000 traders and investors, more than 100 crypto enterprises, and 60 speakers from over 30 countries attended the Crypto Expo Dubai 2022.  

The event’s three elements were an Expo, a Forum, and an Awards ceremony. Lucian, the CEO of NoVa Battles, also spoke during the event. His lecture revealed that the practice and investigation of NoVa Battles in the bitcoin industry had received widespread attention.  

NoVa Battles have its booth during the exhibition, where visitors could learn more about the company’s many initiatives and goods. The project team also provided several online activities for those who could not attend the event. You may join the official community to learn more about the NoVa Battles’ Expo participation.  

Prospects for the Present and Future  

NoVa Battles were considered the finest crypto game and won the award, with over 1,000 people signing up for its whitelist during the show. After launching its token on March 25th, they are on track to launch their public beta in the middle of April, followed by the ICO in the first week of April 2022. The most cautious prediction for the entire game’s release date is mid-May.  

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