More Than 50 NRIs Express Interest In Setting Up Industries In Uttar Pradesh

Over 50 NRIs (Non-resident Indians) have expressed their eagerness to set up industries in Uttar Pradesh. Thirty-two of them are already talking with the state government about investing around Rs 1,045 crore in Noida-Greater Noida, Lucknow, Kanpur, Gorakhpur, and Prayagraj. 

Among the 15 sectors that the NRIs wish to invest in are agriculture, health, IT, manufacturing and solar energy. 

This growing interest in the NRIs has reportedly developed after the Chief Minister launched a website, the NRI section screened by over 500 NRIs for investing in the state. NRI cards have been issued to at least 540 of them. 

Over 32 NRIs have sent their investment proposals to the government. These NRIs live in as many as 18 countries, including America, UAE, Oman, Singapore, Australia, Germany, Ghana, New Zealand, Russia, England and more.  

Officials have confirmed that among the NRIs who have sent their investment proposals are four US-based Indians, eight staying in the UAE and two Indians living in Oman, Singapore and England. Among these NRI investors, 13 have already set up their businesses in their countries and now wish to expand it to Uttar Pradesh. 

As many as 19 Indians working in high positions in renowned companies outside India are now moving into Uttar Pradesh to set up their enterprises.  

The state government is constantly in touch with the NRI investors to assist them in establishing their firms; upon the completion, thousands of people in the state will find employment. 

Among other projects, NRIs from the UAE have said that they want to build a hospital in Uttar Pradesh at the estimated cost of Rs 400 crore. 

A Russia-based NRI, Dr S. Singh, is set to invest Rs 300 crore in a renewable energy project. 

While NRIs living in Kuwait have proposed to invest Rs 100 crore in the automotive sector, NRIs living in Ghana and New Zealand have expressed their wish to invest in the agriculture sector with Rs 150 crore. 

As of now, the Chief Minister has asked officials to be in touch with NRIs who want to set up their ventures in Uttar Pradesh and help them set up their projects at the earliest. 

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