MMM Azani: India’s first Electric Supercar 

India having an electric supercar anytime soon sounds unrealistic. However, you would be surprised to hear that India is about to get its first electric supercar. You may wonder which company is bringing the first-ever electric supercar because it certainly cannot be Tata, Mahindra, or Maruti Suzuki. Yes, you’re right! It’s a new player in the Indian automotive market, and the name of the new player is Mean Metal Motors, also known as MMA.    

Founded in 2012 by Sarthak Paul, MMM had been incorporated in 2014, aiming at manufacturing India’s first electric supercar with 22 members in the team. As a result, the automaker is now busy making India’s first high-performance electric supercar, MMM Azani, which would enter the second half of 2022 with state-of-the-art futuristic and technological innovations.    

MMM will launch Azani in the Uk first early in 2023, followed by UAE in 2024. This means India has to wait a bit more till 2025 to see Azani hitting Indian showrooms.  

Features and Specifications  

  • MMM Azani, an electric hypercar, can produce up to 1,000 horsepower and 738 pound-feet torque at the highest peak  
  • It boasts a top speed of 350 kmph and a sprint up to 100 kmph in just 2 seconds  
  • Its battery runs up to 523 km in a single charge  
  • Azani comes with a skateboard aluminium spaceframe chassis  
  • Usage of modular components to the supercar decreases supplier margins by 25%.  
  • With the over-the-air feature, the AI-enabled Azani is highly efficient and cost-effective   

As per the company, MMM Azani will be priced at a starting of $120000 (Rs 89 lakh). However, when it gets launched in India, MMM Azani is likely to be priced under Rs 1.5 crore.  

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