Messi To Stay At Paris For Now, But Do PSG Require Ronaldo? 

Rumours and speculations abound in every sphere and the sports arena is hardly impervious to these. Since times immemorial tongues have been wagging constantly about players’ unhappiness over certain contentious decisions, disunity in the squad, pay dispute etc with no real evidence to substantiate the information. Soccer League is another domain where rumours or gossips rule the roost. Seldom do they prove to be true and most of the time they remain nothing but imaginations of certain fertile minds. On the contrary, at times, in league circuits, there have been some sudden developments that have taken people by complete surprise. For Example, Lionel Messi’s exit from FC Barcelona or Cristiano Ronaldo’s move to Man United from Juventus hardly had any preceding talk or guess attached to it. Hence, it proves beyond any doubt that the rumours can only be taken with a pinch of salt these days. 

Cut to the present scenario, several speculative stories were doing the rounds regarding Messi’s growing discomfiture inside PSG and the Argentine desperately wanting to go back to Spain. Some reputed publications even went to the extent of reporting that Messi would indeed leave PSG if the Qatari-owned club does not win the UEFA Champions League this time. Now, that PSG is out of the reckoning for the Champions League and as per media speculations the Argentine must already be on his way out of the club. But the reality is something totally different.

Unfounded Talks 

Contrary to the rumours, Messi has no immediate plans to leave PSG, if a report in the is anything to go by. The website further claims that the Argentine is doubly determined to make his shift to the Parisian club a success. Notwithstanding the defeat against Real Madrid that ended PSG’s Champion’s League prospects this year, Messi wants to honour his contract with the Parisian club till its expiry and would also like to help PSG lift Ligue 1 Trophy and Champions League in future. With regard to his rumoured shift to Barca, Messi has had no contact whatsoever with anyone in the Catalan club since his exit last year. This, in all likelihood, would put to rest all the speculations regarding Messi’s future in the PSG for the time being. 

Messi-Neymar-Ronaldo In PSG? 

No sooner than the rumours involving Messi’s future die down a fresh one involving another superstar has made its way into the public domain. This pertains to PSG’s efforts to bring in Ronaldo from Old Trafford to strengthen their attack if Kylian Mbappe leaves them after the expiry of his contract at the end of the season. According to The Mirror, the Portuguese superstar is unsure about his future at Man United, which also crashed out of the Champions League recently. Divulging further The Mirror stated that the Parisian club is ready to give Ronaldo a 12-month contract as well. So, will the arch-rivals unite for the Ligue 1 giants? 

Even If It’s True The Problems Can Be Aplenty 

Again these are currently in the realm of speculations and relying on such unfounded rumours has its perils as well. Also, the Qatari-owned club has already spent a fortune on the team and adding one more superstar will only make them less economically viable. Even if PSG pulls off a coup and brings in Ronaldo more than benefitting the club the move would only affect them adversely. Both Ronaldo and Messi are known to have their own ways in their respective clubs and PSG have every chance of getting hijacked by the ego clashes. This is something the club can ill afford at this juncture and instead of going for an ageing superstar, the Parisian club would be better off signing some young talent with no baggage whatsoever. 

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