Marilyn Monroe Look-alike Lives In Her Actual Hollywood Home

Marilyn Monroe, a late American actor, model and singer, seems to have taken ‘rebirth’ through Scottish-born Jasmine Chiswell who looks like her. The 27-year-old is a dead-ringer for the late star who gave Hollywood “Some like It Hot”.

Jasmine, a social media star whose bubbly smile and chic vintage smile attracted 11.6 million people on TikTok alone, lives in the same house where the iconic beauty symbol once stayed.

When Marilyn Monroe was married to Joe DiMaggio in 1954 for a short time in the heart of Hollywood, they moved into a quaint honeymoon Mediterranean-style home. Then, almost after 65 years, Jasmine, who looks like Monroe and her husband, Maverick, a music producer, purchased the same house.

Jasmine is expecting her first child; Maverick told The NYPost that it happened accidentally after the couple bought the house, stand tall on more than 8,100 square feet of land, nearly three years ago.

Marilyn Monroe
Image Credit: AP

“I’ve always loved vintage fashion since childhood, but I never wanted to get judged or stand out. Hence I always kept telling myself perhaps one day I’ll be confident enough to do so.”

Jasmine and her husband, in 2018, were driving around Hollywood on the lookout for a suitable house stumbled upon a beautiful home in the Outpost Estates near the hills.

Jasmine’s husband even looked up online and realised that the house was one among where Monroe once lived, and it was open for sale that time, she shared.

“We liked it immediately not because it once belonged to Monroe but also reminded me of Scotland in a bizarre manner,” Jasmine added.

At the beginning of 2019, the couple moved the house that they purchased at $2.73 billion. Reminiscent of the Amalfi Coast, the 3,335-square-foot four-bedroom home boasts Runyon Canyon views from all rooms. The house has four full bathrooms with a massive terrace that starts from the living area dedicating a place for al fresco dining and a grotto-like pool and spa.

Despite living in Monroe’s house after a few decades, Jasmine kept wondering why so many items were left in it that were not cleared out. The list of the items includes an incinerator, two magazines from Monroe’s time.

Monroe took up the residence in 1954, a few years before getting married to DiMaggio. The couple lived there for only nine months as they decided to break off the marriage. After the divorce, the actor married Arthur Miller, then an American playwright and move to the Brentwood, Big Apple, where she was identified dead of a barbiturate overdose in her last house in 1962.

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