Mamta Banerjee To Marry Socialism; Wedding Card Goes Viral

This coming Sunday, Mamata Banerjee would start a new life with Socialism in Salem, Tamil Nadu. You must be wondering how an ideology can marry a person.

It might sound bizarre, but a groom named Socialism and a bride named Mamta Banerjee are getting married this Sunday.

The groom’s father, A. Mohan, is the district secretary of the Communist Party of India in Salem.

Mohan named his sons after the left ideologies. His first son is named Communism, the second Leninism and the third Socialism. Mohan’s family has been traditionally following Communism, and in 2016, he contested from the Veerapandi constituency on behalf of the People’s Welfare Alliance.

Communism is now a lawyer. Leninism and Socialism are goldsmiths. All three are staunch party supporters. Leninism named his son Marxism.

“Due to the Soviet Union breaking up into many countries, many said Communism is dead. This made me upset and even before my marriage I decided to name my sons or daughters in a way that reflects the ideology. Three sons were born to me and I named them Communism, Leninism and Socialism respectively. Most of our comrades named their sons Lenin or Marx. But I don’t know whether anyone has been named Socialism,” he told The New Indian Express.

The girl’s family named her daughter Mamata Banerjee because of their admiration for West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee. The bride hails from a family of Congress supporters.

Mamata was part of the Indian National Congress before leaving to form the Trinamool Congress in 1998.

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