Lakshmi Devy: Doctor-Turned-Filmmaker Honored For Her Movie In The US

Dr Lakshmi Devy, a professional doctor who has always been passionate about acting and filmmaking, has finally realised her dreams by getting the prestigious Gold Remy award for direction at the 54th World fest Houston International Film Festival for her film ‘When the Music Changes’. World fest happens to be one of the oldest and largest film and video competitions in the world. 

While speaking to IANS, Dr. Devy said, “This has been a great honour for a filmmaker like me and I am proud of representing my Indian roots in this manner.” 

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Lakshmi shuttles between the United States and Chennai but due to the lockdown and mounting Covid cases she has stayed back in India. She is presently talking to various Hollywood production houses for her new venture. 

She runs a production company in New York named FiDi talkies that has produced her award-winning film and Hollywood actor and director, John Turturro, is the executive producer of this project. 

“I am in discussions with several big shots in the global film industry, but I am bound by certain contracts in not revealing the names of these companies,” Devy said about her new ventures. “When we sign the agreement, I will definitely make it official.” 

‘When the Music Changes’ is scripted, directed and produced by Lakshmi and she is also the protagonist of the film. The movie is based on the Indian rape scenario and it points out that every 16 minutes a girl is raped in the country. 

While delving on the rapes in India, the movie shows the men as losing the honour due to the dastardly act rather than women. 

Devy has been the screenwriter for the national award-winning actor Bobby Sinha’s film ‘Masala Padam’. Also, she is currently at the stage of finalising the scripts for a couple of films that will definitely have renowned production houses on board. “I have to keep my fingers crossed for now as I am not permitted to discuss them now,” she signs off by expressing optimism. 

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