Kerala Raises Rs 18 Crore Within Days For One And Half-Year-Old Suffering From Rare Disease

Kerala has seen unprecedented fundraising when the kind hearts across the world came forward to bring back a one and a half-year-old Mohammad, suffering from spinal muscular atrophy, to life.  

Muhammed, the youngest son of Rafeeq and Mariam, a native of Kannur, was diagnosed with a rare disease, spinal muscular atrophy. One dose of the medicine costs Rs 18 crore, and the family was fighting to save their young one’s life. Their eldest daughter, Afra, fell ill with the same disease, and the family had spent their saving on their daughter.  

As the story of Muhammed and Afra has come to the spotlight through news channels, many have acted proactively to raise funds. Even social media has picked up the campaign. Kerala had heard the hurtful words of Afra, a little girl who is in pain even after taking two or three steps. Her request to people that at least her little brother should be saved from the pricking pain. 

Within days of the news coming in, Mariam’s Federal Reserve bank account in South Bazaar has witnessed tens of thousands of rupees pouring in. People worldwide have joined the mission by sending shares from Rs 10 to tens of thousands. Even the Google Pay account has been stopped working several times since the massive transaction.  

Fundraising had accelerated today morning when media houses broke the news that Rs 14 crore had reached the account. By evening, Federal Bank officials told Mohammed and Afra’s family that more than Rs 18 crore had finally come to the account by 5.30 pm.  

Muhammad’s father, mother and sister are stunned by the magic of goodness that has taken billions out of nothing. The extraordinary act of kindness has seen when most people are in financial difficulties due to Covid-19 pandemic. 

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