Kerala Health Minister to occupy the cover page of Vogue Magazine

The Health Minister of Kerala, K.K Shailaja, has been given the title of ‘Woman of the Year’ by Vogue magazine. Vogue is an American monthly magazine, with 26 international editions. The interview has been published in the Indian edition of the magazine.

The November 2020 issue of the magazine, released on Monday, carries an interview of K.K Shailaja about the way Kerala played in containing the spread of Covid19, thereby flattening the curve during April. But the cases started to spike again when the government announced relaxations to the restrictions and the arrival of Keralites from different parts of the country and world. The minister has also been praised for her active participation and the most accurate decisions during the Nipah Virus outbreak in 2018. She has earned the title ‘The Coronavirus Slayer’, due to her prescient action to combat the coronavirus.

The minister and her efforts have been recognised globally. Earlier in June 2020, the United Nations had honoured K.K Shailaja for her effective management of the pandemic.  In September, UK’s Prospect magazine released a list of “The world’s top 50 thinkers 2020,” which placed Kerala health minister KK Shailaja at the top.

In June, the United Nations had invited her to an event where she was the only speaker from India. The event was meant to honour people who have risked their lives to deliver essential services amid the pandemic. At the virtual event, KK Shailaja presented the Kerala model. Vogue had also praised her as the ‘Vogue Warrior’ for leading the way in the coronavirus battle, after the Nipah outbreak. The World Health Organisation (WHO) has also commended the Kerala Health Ministry for its work in preventing and controlling non-communicable diseases. However, the minister, who is also a teacher, is extremely strict with herself. As the pandemic spikes on, the frontline leader follows Covid-19 norms to a T – wearing a mask even in her office, maintaining 2-meter distance in meetings and isolating herself properly whenever needed..               “There’s no time to be scared. More than fear, I feel the enthusiasm to get involved,” said Shailaja in the interview. The interview was conducted by Manju Sara Rajan, who is also co-authoring a book on Kerala’s public health system and the state’s covid 19 response to be released on 2021 with K.K Shailaja. Many other ministers and leading actors have changed their profile pictures to the Vogue’s cover page to appreciate her. Even Vogue has also changed its Twitter display pictures to the minister featuring on their cover page.

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