Jet Ski License Can Now Be Registered Or Renewed In Dubai For 1 Or 2 Years 

It is necessary from now on for the boats, jet skis, and all other marine craft in Dubai to undergo annual testing and registration as announced by the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA). All marine craft, commercial as well as personal, will also need to be insured. In case of failures, fines will be imposed.  

It is important to create a secure and vibrant maritime industry in line with the Dubai Marine Sector Strategy, which intends to develop, regulate and promote the industry to make Dubai a first-class international maritime hub. 

Licensing of recreational, commercial, sports, tourism and traditional marine craft represents a comprehensive regulatory framework to ensure the highest levels of maritime safety, secure navigation and operational efficiency along the coastline. 

Hence, jet ski owners in Dubai will now be able to register or renew their license for a period of 1 or 2 years from January 2022, as announced by the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA). 

The initiative intends to boost the efficiency and flexibility of the marine sector in Dubai. Individuals will be able to register or renew their ‘Pleasure Jet Ski’ licenses only after providing insurance for the required period. 

Sheikh Saeed bin Ahmed bin Khalifa Al Maktoum, Executive Director of the DMCA, confirmed that the new decision is the result of the authority’s efforts to provide a package of facilities regarding registration and renewal procedures to maximise customer happiness and satisfy all their needs. 

As stated by Sheikh Saeed, “The authority works to update the mechanisms of marine licensing for all pleasure means of all kinds from time to time to enhance the efficiency of the components of the marine sector by developing legislative frameworks regulating various marine activities and water sports, while adhering to international best practices that help expand the scope and quality of the marine services that DMCA provides.” 

Previously in June 2013, the Dubai Maritime City Authority (DMCA) implemented a resolution that required all marine craft owners of both pleasure boats, jet skis and commercial vessels to apply for a certified marine craft driver’s license before they can drive a boat or jet ski in Dubai’s waters. This resolution was introduced to regulate the local maritime sector, and increase boat drivers’ awareness of safety issues and the rules governing Dubai’s waters in general. The resolution also stated that all applicants must be medically fit to drive marine craft. 

Boat owners or crew members of vessels registered in other emirates also require a marine craft driver’s license if they anchor or take part in other vehicle-oriented water sports in Dubai. 

If an individual wishes to purchase their own jet ski then there are a few things that must be known. 

Firstly, to be able to ride their own jet ski in Dubai, the person must obtain the necessary license from the Department of Transport (Consolidated Center) at the Mina Area. The procedure starts with a proper inspection of the jet ski by the authority to ensure that it is safe to ply the waterways. 

Secondly, the person must ensure the jet ski is insured as all jet ski owners are mandated by law to purchase comprehensive insurance. He will have to do this even before the inspection as he is expected to present the policy certificate before the assessment. 

Lastly, the person must have a valid Emirates Identity Card apart from the documents such as application form for marine craft crew licensing, original copy of certificate or license, passport ID and residence visa of the applicant, STCW certification, VHF certificate and technical assessment pass certificate to apply for the license. Upon issuance, the certificate will be valid for one year. 

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