Jaisinghani’s Roller Coaster Ride: From AED 1,200 A Month To UAE Golden Visa

Satish Jaisinghani, an Al Ain-based NRI, is the new Indian in the Emirates to get a 10-year UAE Golden Visa. The salesman-turned-businessman runs a firm with medical supplies as well as produces uniforms for hospital staff in the Garden City of the United Arab Emirates. 

When Jaisinghani went to Abu Dhabi in 1984, he started working as a salesman at a printing press with a monthly salary of AED 1,200. Although the salary was less, his responsibilities were comparatively higher. 

“Working in the corporate culture for 17 years was a learning curve for me to start my own business,” Jaisinghani, a 62-year-old grandfather, was quoted as saying

In 2002, when the Mumbai native opened Pride Trading, he stepped into the textile industry with a showroom for kandora and other garments. He achieved a milestone with both of his businesses and in 2004 established a manufacturing unit for uniforms, International Uniforms. 

Along with his elder son Rohit, Jaisinghani tried his luck in the medical supplies industry once Rohit completed Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D). 

Jaisinghani entered the medical supplies industry in 2012 with Kiwi Medical Supplies that gradually became one of the leading suppliers of surgical and sterilisation products in the UAE. It caters to the central sterile supply department (CSSD) of the hospital, which is vital for conducting safe surgeries. 

His younger son Nikhil, a Bachelor of Business Administration degree holder, also joined Jaisinghani, leading RAM Computer Technologies, a new venture spearheaded by Nikhil, to provide IT infrastructure-related solutions. 

Jaisinghani also said that when the Covid-19 pandemic gripped the world over, and medical resources fell short, he started his own manufacturing unit in Al Ain in association with the UAE government. 

“Scarcity of resources made us start our own manufacturing unit, Kent Surgical Industries,” stated Jaisinghani. “This is in line with the Abu Dhabi government’s ‘Make in Abu Dhabi’ initiative. We laid the foundation of the unit last year and further development is in process. We also distributed masks to frontline workers.” 

As Jaisinghani is successful in his business in UAE now, he applied for the UAE’s golden visa, and he received it last week. 

“Now, I have an investor visa,” said Jaisinghani. “I am grateful to the government and leadership for helping me reach every milestone of my life.” 

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