Introducing Satoshi’s Index: An NFT That Automates Crypto Investments For The First Time  

Satoshi’s Index is the first utility NFT offering crypto investment automation. According to their website, their tool invests in the most popular cryptocurrencies based on a proprietary index. Users with a DCA strategy can utilize this Index to track the most popular coins by trading volume.  

What’s Dollar-cost averaging(DCA)?  

On average, investors earn almost 50% fewer returns than the market underperforming the stock market. With the deluge of new financial products, coins, and NFTs, the crypto market challenges the average investor further. Crypto novices make a great number of mistakes, and most lose money.  

Traditional investment strategies are finding their way to the crypto-verse, including Dollar Cost Averaging (DCA). 401k plans based on the USA’s internal revenue code and other traditional investments use this method to reduce timing and volatility risk by investing a certain amount over an extended period.  

The crypto industry has been adopting more investing methods from the traditional fintech world, but tools to allow them to invest in diversified indexes regularly and automatically have been lacking.  

The Satoshi’s Index project, which will come out on February 16th, has created a system that can provide crypto investors with exactly that.  

Here’s How the Satoshi Index Works:  

By creatively employing non-fungible tokens, Satoshi’s Index is in direct contrast to most subscription model businesses. Using the trading tool is fairly easy. First, the user needs a Satoshi Index NFT – these serve as a license for accessing the trading tool.  

When this is done, users pair the tool with their favourite exchange, which at launch includes Coinbase and Binance. They then set how much money they want to invest monthly or weekly. After that, the tool invests in the top 10 cryptocurrencies by trading volume, keeping the coins on the user’s exchange account, and taking no custody of them.  

Despite being developed as a utility NFT, Satoshi Nakamoto is the inspiration for the art on the NFT. On February 16th, 2022, 999 unique NFTs will be minted. A crypto investment tool tied to the NFT will be available on Coinbase and Binance. The team is public, not anonymous, and available on their Discord server.  

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