India’s Covid-19 Cases Decline; 1.86 lakh New Cases In Last 24 Hours

With the lowest spike in daily infections in the last 44 days, India has recorded as many as 1.86 lakh new cases in the last 24 hours. As per the update at 8 am on May 26, the active case number declined to 23.43 lakh across the country.

So far, over 2.48 crore people have recovered from the virus. The total death toll, however, touched 3,18,895, with 3,660 new fatalities in the last 24-hours. After 11 days, the average daily number of deaths is under 4,000.

Maharashtra, Karnataka, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Uttar Pradesh have the highest number of infections. In the last 24 hours, Maharashtra recorded 21,273 cases and 884 fatalities.

Karnataka has seen 24,214 new cases, with state capital Bengaluru recording 5,949 new cases. At the same time, the daily number of cases in Tamil Nadu was 33,361 on May 27.

The national capital Delhi, the territory that had been witnessing horrific situation from April last week, is showing a steady drop in daily. In the last 24 hours, Delhi has recorded only 1,072 fresh cases.

But, Delhi has declared Black Fungus as an epidemic since it saw 153 new cases.

Mucor mould, which causes Black Fungus, is found in soil, plant surfaces, digestive system and decaying vegetables.

Though the cases showed a downward trend, the Centre asked the states and Union Territories to continue with their ongoing restrictions until June 30. The districts with a high number of infections have been asked to impose local containment measures as well.

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