Indian Origin Family Brutally Attacked in Melbourne   

An Indian-origin family was attacked in the car park of Lynbrook hotel in Melbourne on February 12. The 54-year-old Lynn Balm was punched and kicked to the ground by the attackers when he tried to save his sister.  

“Never in my life, it happened. They punched me to the ground and started kicking me,” Lynn told media after spending a night in hospital due to injuries.  

“We got off the car, and straight away they said, you f***ing Indias, get out. Get out of this country,” said Jacqueline Prakasham, Lynn’s sister.   

Two men outside the Lynbrook Hotel attacked Lynn, Jacqueline and her husband Keith on Saturday, February 12, said Kerri Prakasham, the 23-year-old daughter of Jacqueline and Keith.   

“Around 10 pm last night, a racially motivated attack was made on my family outside the Lynbrook Hotel in the parking lot. A drunk and/or substance affected man spotted my father leaving his car and pursed him whilst calling out to him, “You f***ing Indian bastard”,” Kerri posted on Facebook.  

“People of Indian descent have long experienced racially motivated attacks. This man, despite my father walking in the other direction to avoid an altercation, swung and hit him in the chest. My mother, who just parked her car, ran over to get in between and pull my dad away to safety. The man then threw a punch and directly hit her too,” Kerri further said.   

“My uncle ran out of the car at this point and suffered the biggest blow. This man attacked my uncle to the point that he was left bloodied on the carpark floor and rolled under the car. He was hospitalised and had to get stitches. He is pretty badly bruised and battered,” she added.   

According to Kerri, some bystanders came to their aid, pulling the alleged offenders away.   

Victoria Police said a 29-year-old man had handed himself in over the incident.  

“Police have a number of follow up inquiries to make and are yet to speak to all parties involved formally,” police told the media. Any witnesses or anyone with information is urged to contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. 

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