Indian Embassy In Ukraine Asks Indians To Leave Kyiv Urgently 

The Indian embassy in Ukraine, on Tuesday, asked stranded Indians to leave Kyiv, the capital city. An advisory asked the Indians to leave Kyiv by available trains or any other means. 

“All Indian nationals, including students, are advised to leave Kyiv urgently today. Preferably by available trains or through any other means available,” the embassy said.  

The advisory was put out amidst the increasing fighting between Russian and Ukrainian troops around Kyiv. 

The Indian embassy last week urged unnecessary panicked movements towards the border without intimating officials present in the borders of nations in the west and southwest of Ukraine. 

India scheduled evacuation flights to bring back stranded citizens caught in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine after the former declared a military operation to de-Nazify Ukraine. 

On Tuesday morning, a flight carrying more than 100 stranded Indian students and citizens landed in Mumbai. Another flight, the ninth one, will land in New Delhi from Budapest. Prime minister Narendra Modi also sent Union Ministers Hardeep Puri, Jyotiraditya Scindia, Kiren Rijiju and Gen VK Singh, who have stationed themselves in Hungary, Romania and Moldova, Slovenia and Poland, respectively. These Union ministers will coordinate with officials present to bring stranded Indians home. 

The latest Photos shared by news agencies the Associated Press and Reuters clicked by US satellite company Maxar showed a huge Russian military convoy in Ivankiv, miles outside the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Ukrainian news agencies reported that air raid alarms had been sounded in Kyiv, and residents were advised to remain sheltered. 

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