Incredible Anime Series Ideal For Binge-watching

Anime is the best form of entertainment with its unique protagonists and characters that are very much relatable. If you are new to the anime world, dive headlong into the unconquerable visuals, along with unconventional creative content. You can engage in different flavours of options they offer to the spectators. Here is a sneak preview of some of the interesting anime series worth watching. 

1. Attack on Titan 

Attack on Titan is a creative, well-crafted post-apocalyptic anime by Hajime Isayama first premiered in 2013 and covered a total of 4 seasons with 75 episodes in March 2021. The story reveals a world where humanity lives in a boundary of an enormous wall that protects them from Titan. In the town of Shiganshina, the protagonist Eren Yeager lives with his best friend Armin and Mikasa. It constantly reminds us of human fragility and mortality. Viewers can expect a surprise development at every turn. 

2. Death note 

A perfectly executed and charismatic dark anime by Tetsuro Araki first aired in 2006 and finished running 37 episodes in 2007. With an insane villainous protagonist Light Turner, the plot revolves around his discovery of a notebook labelled Death Note that permits him to rewrite the destiny of others. There is a cobweb of suspense unravelling with the way he eradicates criminals by writing their names on the book. 

3. Jujitsu Kaisen 

A novel fantasy horror series by Sunghoo Park first premiered in 2020 and finished airing in 2021 with 24 episodes. The story revolves around the life of a fifteen-year-old Itadori Yuji who indulges in baseless paranormal activities with the Occult Club. He abruptly finds himself thrust into the world of Curses after eating the Sukuna’s finger who was labelled “The King of Curses”. If you are in a mood to watch a great mixture of thrills with comedy, then this can be a perfect choice.  

4. Tokyo Revengers 

Directed by Koichi Hatsumi, the anime first aired in 2021, exploring the life of Takemichi Hanagaki with a unique storyline. The story dwells on the protagonist’s ability to travel back in time to save his loved ones and friends. He attempts to create a perfect world in the past to set up a bright present and future. Will his mission succeed? Grab the popcorn and watch it on either Netflix Japan or HBO Max. 

5. Haikyuu 

One of the popular sports anime of Japan directed by Susumu Mitsuak first aired in 2014. It is the story of a short boy, Hinata Shoyo who wishes to become the best spiker and maestro of his volleyball team after watching a national championship on television. It provides some finest viewing pleasures through astounding and nail-biting volleyball matches. Rather than melodramatic episodes, Haiku brings forth amusement and zealousness. 

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