Honda Activa’s sales cross 2.5 croresin India within two decades

Honda Activa has dominated the Indian streets for two decades. Without being able to challenge Honda Activa’s dominance, competitors can only challenge for second place in this segment. Japanese two-wheeler maker Honda Motorcycle and Scooter India (HMSI) has announced that the Activa, which has been on a roll since its launch, has reached a new milestone in this journey. The total number of Activa owners in the country has crossed 2.5 crores, a historic achievement for the company and the scooter. Honda claims that the Activa now has a unique feature that no other scooter can achieve.

 At the beginning of the new century, Activa made its Indian debut in 2001 with a 102cc engine. It took Activa just three years to become the leader in the very threatening Indian scooter market. Along with its competitors, including Bajaj Saffire and Kinetic Honda, Honda achieved every stage with its refinement and reliability. Activa reached 10 lakh units by 2005-06. Then Indian scooter market witnessed the victory of the ‘Activa’ through the increasing sales. By 2015, total sales had surpassed the first crore. Activa acquired the next 1.5 crore units in just five years without any difficulty in its journey. 

 YS Guleria, HMSI Director (Sales and Marketing), mentioned the success is all about 

Activa’s ability to transform emotionally into a community spirit is beyond just travel. A two-wheeler rarely transcends from just utility to an emotion that stirs and resonates with society’s soul, as Activa has. So much has changed around us during this period, but Activa continues to remain the first love of Indian families,” he also added.

 Being popular among the segment, Activa will not lose its relevance due to periodic updates and innovations. In 2009, Honda introduced the Combi brake system, and in 2013, the scooter engine was presented with Honda Eco Technology, which Honda claimed that the mileage can be improved to 60km per litre.  Activa became more familiar to people through its vibrant variants and colors, including Activa I, 3G, 4G, 5G, and now to 6G. When Activa 125 was introduced, it was a competitor to Suzuki Access 125. The Activa 5G was introduced, including new features such as LED headlamps, a USB charging port, and a 4-in-lock to the table. The 2020 Activa 6G features an Enhanced Smart Power (ESP) including 26 new Honda copyrighted applications.

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