Heavy Rush At Indian Consulate’s Passport Seva Camp In Dubai Before Holidays  

Over 1,100 Indian ex-pats took advantage of a special passport service camp held by the Indian Consulate in Dubai on Sunday before the holidays.  

Ramkumar Thangaraj, consul (Passport, Education, and Attestation), told Gulf News on Sunday night that “we got over 1,100 applications today.”  

The camp was held concurrently from 9 am to 6 pm at 12 BLS International Services Ltd. locations in Dubai and the northern emirates, which serves as the outsourced service provider for processing passport applications.  

The mission held its third special Passport Seva (Service) Camp to meet the high demand for passport renewal services and related goods and services.  

The special camps are held on Sunday, the BLS Centres’ weekend off. On May 22 and 29, the prior special passport service camps were held. On May 22, applicants needing an emergency passport renewal may stroll into four BLS Centers; on May 29, that number rose to six.  

Thangaraj claims that during the past two special camps, almost 2,000 passport applications were handled. From June 10, the embassy also let Indian expatriates in Dubai walk in and apply for emergency passport renewals via the “Tatkal” service, which costs Dh570 more for same-day renewal, as initially reported by Gulf News.  

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