Governor Brian Kemp Declares August 15th As ‘India Day’ In Georgia

As India prepares for its 75th Independence Day on August 15, NRIs based in Atlanta have their reasons to celebrate the day with more pride. To encourage the Indian community American Cultural Association (IACA), Governor of Georgia Brian Kemp has declared the 75th Independence Day of India as ‘India Day’ in Georgia. This was announced on August 5 at the North stairs of Georgia Capitol in presence of community leaders and representatives from other community organisations. 

“We are honoured and thankful to Governor Brian Kemp for recognising the contributions of the Indian community in the state of Georgia with the declaration of August 15th as India Day,” Chand Akkineni, President of IACA, was quoted as saying

The proclamation by Governor Kemp summarizes the significance of India’s contribution: How India promoted non-violence to the world. IACA with its 25th flagship event on August 15, 2021, Festival of India (FOI), showcases India’s rich cultural heritage to the Atlanta population. It will also depict India’s Independence Day celebration, Georgia’s diversity and Indian Americans’ contribution to the state. 

IACA’s FOI represents Indian diversity and people from different parts of India. They, as entrepreneurs, healthcare workers, engineers, technocrats, educators, small business owners, attorneys, judges, writers, authors and artists are helping the state of Georgia to grow socially and economically. 

One of India’s three national holidays, Independence Day is celebrated by over 130 billion people across the country and 2 million in the United States by hoisting the national flag, parades and much more. 

Georgia, one of the top 10 US Metropolitan regions, accommodates the Indian American population of 1,37,000 (as per 2019 data) and this indicates that the State fosters and nurtures diversity.  

Since its inception in 1971, IACA has been the oldest Indian American organisation in Atlanta that represents a unified Indian community with diversity. Back in the 60s and 70s when the Indian community in the US felt the need to safeguard their ethnicity and heritage, IACA stepped in and provided a platform to bring the community closer. 

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