Good News: Invest19 To Launch Gateway For NRIs To Make Indian Stock Market Accessible

Invest19, one of India’s leading fintech companies, on September 6, said that it is planning to introduce a gateway for non-resident Indian (NRI) investors by December 2021 to make the Indian stock market accessible.   

According to a statement issued by the company, the online multi-broker trading platform will bring a one-click investment feature for NRIs to engage them actively with the Indian stock market, without their presence in the domestic land.   

As per Kaushlendra Singh Sengar, Founder and CEO at Invest19, whereas the US, UK and Australia have over 1% Indian population each, Canada consists of more than 4% population of Indian origin. And these people do not have access to the Indian stock market.    

Although there’s an increase in the emigrating population, especially NRIs, there is no platform available for them to actively invest in India’s stock market. Keeping this situation in mind, Invest19 plans to introduce a gateway to easily access the Indian stock market.   

“In the time of globalization and global-local, we must come up with creative ideas such as Invest19’s feature for NRIs, which will erase the virtual boundaries for financial participation in their domestic nation,” Kaushlendra was quoted as saying by PTI.   

Invest19 is India’s first invest-tech ecosystem that aims to make investment easy. The fintech company serves the technology sector while leveraging the power of emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), data science, etc. To simplify, automate, and improve the user experience from customers to businesses.   

Intending to help customers and businesses, Invest19 promises to help them grow faster and smarter. The company is building such an innovative platform capable of providing next-generation, scalable and low-latency tools and technology solutions to individuals and businesses in meeting the swiftly evolving needs of today’s fast-growing industry.   

Invest19 is building a simple, human-centric user interface and experience and multilingual stock investment ecosystem that would be kept on connecting global markets while empowering individuals and businesses to strengthen the economy. 

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