Gin: The Most Popular Drink

Once prescribed medicinal liquor made by traditional alchemist and physician is now a popular spirit in the alcoholic beverage industry. History divulges Gin as a remedy to treat and heal malaria in the olden days when there were no modern-day medicines like Chloroquine or Tafenoquine.

The second Saturday of June is celebrated as World Gin Day, and this year it was on June 12. So far known to us, it all started when in 2009, a group of friends decided to meet in Birmingham, UK, to drink Gin. Eventually, the following year in 2010, it shifted to a renowned bar in London, and by 2013 it was a global event and gaining popularity with every year passing by.

Thus, bringing closer the entire gin drinking community of the world with one more occasion to celebrate and cheer.

Ever wondered what makes this spirit earn popularity in recent time? Tales about modern-day Gin originated in the Netherlands when distilleries started to produce it on a commercial scale. The present-day recipe consists of Juniper Berries as the base element and limitless botanicals. The berries are a must, and one can add as many as botanicals depending on what they are seeking in the final product.

The versatility of this magical potion- in terms of its production and even blending and fusing with other ingredients at the bar- also adds to the reason for its increasing fame.

The world is witnessing a Gin Renaissance where distilleries manufacture small-batch crafted Gin with their play and tricks. India is part of this revolution, with distilleries producing the world-class quality of London Dry Gin but of Indian origin.

Popular Gin based Cocktails one can try during the next visit to your favourite bar;

Classic Gin and Tonic
Image Credit: The Spruce Eats
Image Credit: The Spruce and Eats
Hanky Panky
Image Credit: MasterClass
Monkey Gland
Image Credit: The Nosey Chef
Gin Martini
Image Credit: DMAEGE

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