Four Indian Innovators In Top 50 Next Gastronomy Game Changers List  

A distinguished list honouring the future generation of leaders developing sustainable solutions for the global food and drink sector has identified four young Indian innovators among the top 50 outstanding gastronomy game-changers.  

Dr Risha Jasmine Nathan, a forensic scientist from Delhi, Vinesh Johny and Anusha Murthy, both from Bengaluru, and Nidhi Pant, a resident of Mumbai, are among the members of the “50 Next: Class of 2022,” which was announced at a first-ever live awards ceremony on Thursday in the Spanish city of Bilbao.  

Travinder Singh, an Indian food entrepreneur of Singaporean descent, is in the top 50 for his food technology start-up concept that converts food waste into beverages.  

They are the future generation of gastronomy leaders, joining innovators chosen from more than 400 applicants from 30 countries and six continents.  

Risha Jasmine Nathan explained the ground-breaking idea that made the ’50 Next’ cut in the “Science Innovators” category as a long-term solution to the problem of water contamination in the developing world to PTI. “My research, which I completed in New Zealand in 2020, was about using food and vegetable peels and converting them into beads that could suck up heavy metals from drinking water,” she said as per news sources.  

In addition to the yearly rankings of “The World’s 50 Best Restaurants,” “50 Next” is a list rather than a ranking that honours individuals under the age of 35 from the larger food and drink sector.  

It is based on research conducted by the 50 Next organization and its academic partner, the Basque Culinary Center (BCC), which has its main office in San Sebastian, Basque Country, an autonomous province in northern Spain renowned for its culinary talents. 

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