Four Countries That Are Ideal For Indians To Shift To In The Current Scenario 

With the Covid-19 Pandemic ebbing gradually from everyone’s life it is business as usual for people across the world, especially in India. People wanting to relocate abroad might have had to put their ambitions on the back burner due to the virus scare for the last two years. But with things getting back to normal gradually time is ripe for people, especially Indians, wishing to migrate to a foreign country to take adequate steps to realize their long-cherished goal. There are several factors involved in deciding which country would be ideal to shift to such as employment opportunities, the standard of living, health and educational infrastructures etc. Based on these parameters we have drawn up certain countries that tick all the boxes. So, which are these countries? Find out. 


This country has a glorious tradition of welcoming migrants wholeheartedly, irrespective of their origins, and many, including Indians, are leading a life of contentment over here. Canada with immense employment opportunities, free school education and excellent social welfare initiatives are simply what the doctor ordered for the migrant population. These apart, it houses some of the globally renowned universities for higher education, possesses a negligent crime rate and offers excellent living standards. The only hiccup is the climate as it has harsh winter and temperatures usually subside to sub-zero degrees. This is hardly a problem for the Indians as they are also used to harsh winters in some parts of their homeland. So, Canada can be a perfect destination for people in India with several citizenship benefits on offer. 


This happens to be another country where skilled workers from various domains are very much in demand. So, Australia can be a good option for Indians seeking greener pastures because aside from excellent career growth options it has a robust infrastructure exclusively dedicated to health and education segments and a well-oiled law and order machinery. Besides, the country is ranked second in terms of air quality, which can be a blessing for those Indians who have had to breathe toxic air in some of the world’s most polluted cities in India. The assimilating culture of Australian society makes it easier for people from India to gel with the new environment they come across. 

New Zealand 

This country in Oceana has also covered all the bases regarding healthcare, education and job options among other things. The country boasts of competitive pay packages that are at times more than what people draw in European countries. It even provides an excellent standard of living and good governance to its citizens. For higher education also it has some of the best universities across the world. As it is evident that it has an excellent healthcare system, however, what is noteworthy is that the country offers free or heavily subsidized medical treatment, which can be extremely beneficial for migrants and their families. 


The country famous for its picturesque locales and tasty chocolates is also quite appropriate for migration. Switzerland has had a great tradition of good governance over the years with a vibrant economy and a remarkable healthcare system. The country even provides ample scope for skilled professionals across different verticals through a structured labour market that offers lucrative contracts. The organizations in the country are known for their rewarding attitudes towards competent employees as well. Also, after hard days at the office if people want to enjoy their weekend in another country, then they can simply cross the border to Germany, France or Italy to enhance their leisure and entertainment. So, Swiss can also be a good option for Indians planning to move abroad for good.

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