How Easy Or Tough Is it To Move To Australia, Canada And Germany? 

It is the most cherished dream of the majority in India to migrate to a foreign country as it would give them financial security and a standard of living hitherto unknown to them. However, it is no child’s play to move to a new country because it entails a lot of formalities and procedures. So, today we will focus on some of the processes involved in migrating to countries such as Australia, Canada and Germany. Let’s get started with the three present favourite destinations of Indians to relocate. 


The country is gradually emerging as one of the most preferable places to shift among Indians, especially in the last few years. Even the largest country by area in Oceania is constantly on the lookout for some of the best talents across the globe to help it advance its overall economy. Australia’s skillset immigration programme is based on points and can be broken down into one sentence, “higher the points you have, bigger the prospects of yours to settle down in Australia”. The system in Australia gives points on the basis of educational qualifications, work experience, family status and IELTS score, a minimum of 6. There is a huge demand among people to shift to the “land of Kangaroos” and if they aspire to move to the country then they should not be wasting any time as in future the country might tighten its regulation regarding accommodating foreigners. 


This is another country where people from other continents, especially Asia, madly want to settle down with their families. In fact, there is a significant number of Indian people in the country, particularly Sikhs. Significantly, Canada is also very warm and welcoming towards foreign migrants and it has very organized initiatives to invite other nationalities into the country. Express Entry Programme, Regional Nominee Programme and Entrepreneur Programme happen to be some of the procedures through which people enter Canada, subject to the fulfilment of the criteria prescribed in these programmes. Acquiring a Canadian PR is not very tough and this makes the country hugely attractive among foreign nationals, especially from India, Bangladesh, China etc. 


It is one of the financially sound countries in the world and being Europe’s industrial hub Germany offers humongous employment opportunities for various categories of skilled professionals. The German immigration process is devised in such a way that professionals bag jobs without breaking into a sweat and also gain residence permits, which would aid them in settling down in the country with their families. The country offers jobseekers’ visa that permits candidates to come to the country for a certain period to look for a job. Those who have found jobs in the country also become entitled to a Working (Employment) Visa to continue working in the country and, most importantly, the visa can even be converted to a residence permit. The residence permit holders are, eventually, allowed to seek citizenship to enable them to enjoy all the perks of being a German citizen. The professionals in the arena of IT, Medical, Business etc are highly in demand in the country.

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