Five Tourist Attractions In Qatar That Cost Nothing 

Visitors are going to pour in from every nook and corner of this world to Qatar due to the upcoming FIFA World Cup to be held in the GCC country in November. The Gulf state’s tourism is also bound to rise to a new level as a result of this tourist inflow. Aside from shopping and eating options, there are some excellent alternatives for sightseeing as well in the energy-rich country. So, we will delve into these options today and, more importantly, they cost nothing. 

The Katara Cultural Village 

This is a marvellous historical place comprising a theatre, gardens, two beautifully constructed mosques, a diverse range of art galleries, and so much more. The village is a true reflection of Qatar’s rich culture and tradition. The visitors can also familiarize themselves with Qatar’s interesting history and savour some popular delicacies at various restaurants in the evenings at the venue. In fact, the Katara Cultural Village takes visitors through Doha’s past: how the capital city evolved into a world-class destination from a humble start. 

Aspire Park 

This is another tourist attraction in the Gulf state that is also perfect for a memorable family outing. Aspire Park happens to be one of the biggest in the Gulf region and provides some absolute visual delights. The park’s major attraction happens to be the Torch Tower, which is over 300-meter long and acted as a large torch during the Asian Games. But, at present, it is a hotel. 

The Pearl Qatar 

This is a luxury residential and entertainment zone situated on an artificial island that is shaped like a pearl. After its launch in 2004, Pearl Qatar has rapidly developed into Doha’s one of most popular shopping and eating destinations. It comprises 13 islands with premium accommodations, flats and three five-star hotels. Also, it will have 21 million square feet of retail, restaurant and entertainment zone in future ie post the completion of the sanctioned projects. 

MIA Park 

Qatar has plenty of scintillating parks and this one stands out for the experience it offers to people of all ages. For fitness freaks, there are running tracks and an outdoor fitness equipment as well. There is also a free provision of WiFi at pet-friendly public parks. As for families, they can relax as well as enjoy the stunning views offered by surrounding lakes, fountains, palms and olive trees. 

National Museum Of Qatar 

To add to the rich cultural heritage of the country, the museum highlights the journey of Qatar from the past and present to the future. The National Museum Of Qatar also offers tours, events and seminars, but some of these require a reservation as well. It has two cafés, a rooftop restaurant and two intricately designed gift stores, a museum park, and several other amenities as well. 

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