Five Agonizing Moments From Olympics

As the Olympics is about to begin in Tokyo from July 23 onwards, there is a constant murmur about the dangerous virus lurking around to spoil the fun. Despite naysayers’ constant warning about the risk involved in hosting the event, event officials in question are quietly going about their business to make the sporting carnival an occasion to remember. So, it is better to focus solely on the games and the participants as of now and leave the rest to destiny. Olympics provides thrills, excitement and heartbreaks, too. Hence, let us delve into five of the moments that broke the hearts of millions. 

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Women Archers’ loss in Rio 2016 

Rio 2016 Olympics: Women archers Deepika Kumari, Bombayla Devi bow out  without a fight | Sports News,The Indian Express
Image Credits: Reuters

It was another disappointing end to a promising start. They did exceptionally well till the quarter-finals. However, they ran into a huge Russian wall in the quarters. India, ranked third in the world then, confronted the Russians, who were second in world rankings. After being tied at 4-4 due to some awkward shooting from both teams, the Indian girls eventually messed up in the shoot-offs and lost 23-25. After this loss, Deepika Kumari was left speechless as the realization dawned upon her that this was her last shot at Olympics glory. 

French Gymnast’s unexpected mishap in 2016  

Rio 2016: French gymnast suffers horror leg injury
Image Credits: AP

The French Gymnast Samir Ait Said has won the qualifiers to represent his country in this year’s Olympics. However, the French had a tryst with a tragedy in the Rio 2016 Olympics. He was at the receiving end of a dreadful injury at the very start of the event. The 26-year-old came down weirdly post his vault as he snapped his leg and it was hanging below the knee. This impromptu mishap ended his further participation in the 2016 tournament. 

Blast from the past for Liu in 2012 

Liu Xiang: The highs and lows of China's hurdling star - BBC News
Image Credits: Getty Images

The ghost of the past came to haunt Chinese hurdler Liu Xiang in the 2012 London Olympics. This time around, the Xiang simply ran into his first obstacle in the 110-meter hurdles. Before the event in London, the Chinese floundered badly in 2008 games as well, where he failed to pass through a single hurdle. However, at the 2004 Games, Xiang was the first Chinese athlete to claim a gold medal in track and field. To sum up the agony of 2012, Xiang was seen limping on one leg towards the finishing line.  

Heartbreak for PT Usha in 1984 

Image Credits: PT Usha/Facebook

The name PT Usha brings so many wonderful memories into the minds of sports admirers. The Kozhikode-based sprinter has set several benchmarks in national events. However, she nearly missed a chance to grab her solitary honours at Olympics in 1984. In the event held at Los Angeles, an exciting race turned highly melancholic for the Golden Girl of India. Cristieana Cojocaru of Romania and Usha were both finishing the race at almost the same time, but the Romanian’s all-out lunge won her the bronze medal. Hence, Usha missed the prize by a whisker. 

Flying Sikh’s near-miss at Rome Olympics  

Milkha Singh: An unmatchable Romance With a Near Miss
Image Credits: Twitter

Milkha Singh was a national hero and the tag of “Flying Sikh” got attached to him due to his superior athleticism. The Punjab athlete, who breathed his last in June 2021, also had a chance to grab Olympics glory in 1960 held at Rome.In the final event for top honours, Milkha was in the fifth lane. It was a hard-fought contest. Milkha was behind German Manfred Kinder and ahead of South African Malcolm Spence in the first 100m, prior to getting the lead on the first curve. Running on the inside lanes, America’s Otis Davis and Germany’s Carl Kaufman bridged the gap to overtake the Indian. In the penultimate 150m, Milkha lost the speed as well as the third-place finish to Spence. This disappointing end will never fade away from the memory of any Indian. 

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