Elon Musk Listens to Kyiv; Turns On Starlink in Ukraine   

Elon Musk, a billionaire and crypto influencer from the United States, confirmed the activation of Starlink for Ukraine on social media. SpaceX, Musk’s aerospace manufacturer and provider of space transportation services, is in charge of the satellite internet constellation.  

The decision comes in response to a request by Kyiv’s administration, which is attempting to stop a Russian military attack that might damage communications and pose other dangers.  

The entrepreneur also stated on Twitter that the business supplies essential equipment to Ukrainians. Starlink‘s low-orbit satellites deliver high-speed broadband internet to users worldwide, but the connection to the network necessitates the use of a unique antenna and modem.  

Russia started a military assault on Ukraine on February 24 on President Putin’s orders. Russian soldiers have advanced since then, surrounding major Ukrainian cities. Authorities, people, and members of the crypto community are concerned that the country’s ability to communicate with the rest of the world may be jeopardized. According to AFP, since the start of Russian military activities in the nation, internet watchdog Netblocks has recorded “a series of substantial interruptions to internet access.” While Starlink has over 2,000 satellites, it was uncertain if Ukrainians would utilize the service at first.  

“Starlink terminals will be installed in Ukraine!” Thank you, @elonmusk, and everyone else that backed Ukraine!” Fedorov responded to Musk’s remark with a tweet. The official also thanked the Ukrainian Ambassador to the United States Oksana Markarova, for making “quick decisions pertaining to authorization and certification that allowed us to activate the Starlink.”  

Ukraine, which regulated digital assets when the Russian military invasion began, has also requested crypto contributions to aid its defence effort. Come Back Alive, one of the main NGOs helping the country’s troops, has already received millions of dollars in bitcoin.  

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